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Great design by Everton Sousa!! And my colors!
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So dramatic!  Very cool, love it!
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She's wearing her gloves still which means she could slip her hands out. Those Orcs are going to be in for quite the surprise. 
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Feet untied; some orc's gonna get kicked in the danglies...
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Awesome art and colours - love it!
Well she's had a bad day.  I like the design of the orcs, some big and some small.  Also the one eye of defiance.
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Somedays, it just doesn't pay to go to work.  Like this day for Red Sonja, she should have called in sick!
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I really like your colours; decent yet vivid, matching the scene :clap:

(...and that Everton Sousa did an amazing job on the lines doesn't hurt either ;) )
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thanks, thanks
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She looks pissed! Dont want to be near her when she gets out. Beautiful work :)
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My god that watermark is a sacrilege.

Well, good luck anyway ;)
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I removed the watermark especially for you.

thanks for the prestigiousSo happy 
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Dude, if you are not here to share, then don't.
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Claudinei Ribeiro 
Artist | Professional | Varied

A professional artist is not always free to share work that he/she does for others. If the work is commission or if by chance the artist is employed, often the work is done by the artist but does not belong to the artist.

It was damn nice of the artist to remove the watermark for you. Thank you is the appropriate response for when any individual does something nice for you.

To the artist. Damn fine work.
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Again, as i said, if you are not here for sharing but to promote only, then don't share.
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This artist does not need to use DA to promote his art or to find employment. That is like saying Joe Jusko, Jimbo Salgado and many,many other professional artists need DA to promote themselves :-)

Personally, I am thankful and appreciate these folks putting their art up on DA so I don't have to go buy a comic or book or poster to appreciate their work. The tutorials Jusko and others put up are just invaluable.

Gotta go.
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