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Amazing spiderman and your girls ( colors)

Amazing spiderman and your girls, colors by me and pencil by master Eb Benes
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Mary Jane will be the only woman I truly ship Peter with, but I can see him with Carol too. Jessica to a lesser extent. (They fight a lot.)

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Is Jones clone of Parker?

So, she's... as his sister...

Oh, my...

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The Spectacular Spider-Pimp.

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Eventually, he always gets the girls at the end! 
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Talk about lady luck on your side! Epic! Headbang! 
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Peter is a very lucky guy,that got the jackpot! :w00t:
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i like to see superhero human sexuality .... such as bat man having sex with cat woman
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mmmmmmmmmmmmm baby
its good to be me all I need now is firestsr
amazing spiderwoman
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friends better then ice man and fire star ( she burns me up )
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Enjoy Spidey! Enjoy! Two great catches!
I always saw Jennifer as a sister to Peter. And Carol would be like an older cousin.

Anyway. I really like the colors & lines. It looks like it could be right out of Marvel Comics. Props to your coloring skills. And equal respect to the artist.
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They're not related so I don't see why they wouldn't try a bit more.
"Spider-man, which of us do you think about more often at night?"


"Did he pass out because all the blood drained from his brain?"

"No, I think his spider-sense kicked in so strong it knocked him out."
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Peter Benjamin Parker manja dos paranaue
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i want to be spiderman bacause difrent resons....
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Spider-man is a lucky man
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Wow he's actually got babes
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I always wonder why Spider-man and Spiderwoman never had a team up?
Or even a hook up!
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