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System1 Journal Skin by DindoArt System1 Journal Skin by DindoArt
"System 1" is the first Apple Macintosh operating system version and the beginning of the classic Mac OS series. It ran on the Motorola 68000 microprocessor. System 1 was released on November 13, 1983, along with the Macintosh 128K, the first in the Macintosh family of personal computers. It received one update, "System 1.1" on December 29, 1984, before being succeeded by "System 2".Wikipedia
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:bulletblue: LIVE PREVIEWSystem 1 Journal Skin! :bulletblue:
:bulletred: AFTER INSTALLINGSystem 1 Journal Skin WORKGUIDE :bulletred:

This is an Installable Journal Skin!

This journal skin simulates a desktop environment similar to the first Macintosh operating system: System 1, back in 1984, with the launch of Macintosh 128K.
This is made in pure HTML, CSS and a few images, like icons and textures.

You can edit it anytime, there is enough room for update:
  • You can change textures of any horizontal (max. 16px height) element using the texture spritesheet;
  • You can do a simple edit in Skin Header, adding "going-modern" on "div system1", giving this skin a modern visual;
  • You can insert program links, like the original Finder, both on the windows (directly on the journal) or in the desktop (right panel, editable on Skin Footer);
  • If you don't like the icons, you can download the PNG image, increase its size, add your own icons (32x32) and create a new CSS class (if you know what you are doing);
  • You can use progress bars, link buttons, tables,  etc - everything that you could include on normal journal skins;
  • You can change the background by adding a "background image property" into the "system1 div"!

And with just a few edits, you can update your skin for this layout to this:
System1 Updated by DindoArt


:bulletred: July 25: launch of journal skin v1.0

Most sprites were made by Susan Kare for the original System 1, on Macintosh 128K launched on 1984.
This site is plenty of stories related to that, written by the folks who built Macintosh and Lisa:
Journal Skin by DindoArt
If you love it, give it a fav, and maybe... install it!!

Sierra Journal Skin by DindoArt

Any questions, any bugs or suggestions, please comment below!

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