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Dina M. Nealey
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Wreck-it-Ralph 2 looks like it's going to be awesome. I loved the first movie, and from the trailers the second one seems like it'll be a blast. But of course the only thing anyone on the Internet cares about here is the fact that all the Disney princesses are going to be in it... though let's be fair, they'll probably only be in a few scenes and not play much of a role in the plot.

Also... looking at the trailers, this incarnation of the princesses seem more like caricatures of their original selves than anything else. It makes sense... when you have all of them there and want to show their characters, you might want to push their more "iconic" traits to the forefront.

We've seen this trait with Disney before... remember the House of Mouse cartoon? Can you think of a SINGLE appearance by Lady and the Tramp that did NOT involve them eating spaghetti? Or a single appearance by Gaston where he didn't do the "No one [whatever the others were talking about] like Gaston!" bit?

(Actually, in Gaston's case, I think it made him one of the highlight's of the show. "No one orders decaf like Gaston" might be the best line he ever had in any incarnation.)

But, what I wanted to talk about was their looks. Partly it's the girl in me, partly it's the designer, but... a number of the princesses here don't quite look like themselves. I did like their casual-wear outfits, and this selfie montage:

Disneyprincessselfie by DinaMNealey

See? Some of these princesses are near-unrecognizable. And I don't mean that they're more lively and expressive than before... that's a good thing. But most of them have been rather heavily redesigned, and while in some cases it works okay, in other cases it... doesn't.

In some cases it could be blamed on the change from 2D to 3D animation... and yes, the princesses that originate from other 3D movies look almost (but not quite) identical to how they were in their original movies. The exception is Merida, who's been SERIOUSLY cutified and made to look more feminine... pretty much like she was for the Disney Princess franchise.

But it's not just that either. Aurora, who comes from a 2D movie, looks nearly spot-on... while there are a few notable differences in her design, she very clearly looks like the same character, just presented in a different style. But if you look at the other two "classic era" princesses, Snow White and Cinderella... apart from their iconic outfits, they look NOTHING like their original movie versions. Especially Cinderella looks like a different character altogether. Of course, those two more than any of the others were heavily Rotoscoped in their original movie and had more "normal human" proportions, but it's also extremely noticable with Belle, who doesn't look much like in her original movie either.

I think, to some extent, all the princesses have been "cartoonified" compared to their original movies. Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa seem to have set the standard for how a Disney Princess should look in 3D, and those three seem the least changed. The other princesses seem to have been altered to fit in with them more; they've been made skinnier, "cuter," with larger eyes and heads... and, one thing I really noticed here: All the princesses here have REALLY SKINNY NECKS. Even Moana, who otherwise looks very close to her original movie, has a skinnier neck.

I think that's one reason why Snow White, Cinderella and Belle look so off, because in their original movie they had much thicker, more realistic necks. Here, I'll show you a comparison picture of the three:

Disneyprincesscomparison by DinaMNealey

See? A lot of people have commented on Cinderella's ears, which aren't even visible in the original but are REALLY prominent in the redesign... but just LOOK at that neck, compared to the original! It's so thin! And it's even more extreme for both Snow White and Belle!

The other princesses seem to have taken to the redesign better... sure, there are differences (again, Merida... and yeah, I've heard the "whitewashing" complaints about Pocahontas, Tiana and Mulan) but at least they don't look like TOTALLY different characters, like these three do.

What do you think, guys?
Sabrina the Hypnotized Witch
After the spell wore off on its own, Salem spent the next two weeks only eating dry kibble, and had to promise never to take advantage of Sabrina's magical mistakes again. The promise lasted until an accidental time-travel spell saw him trying to set himself up as the first President of the United States, but that's another story.

If you remember, some anonymous member gave me a month's core membership. Turned out I couldn't really do much with it, especially since I don't want to buy any prints... but I did want to do something to show my appreciation to whoever the anonymous member was. Since said anonymous member was... anonymous... I couldn't ask what they would like as a thanks. So I created a poll (core members can do that!) and asked what people thought the anonymous member would appreciate.

Not surprisingly, the majority wanted to see more hypno-art, but there was some disagreement on whether or not the subject should be Chibi-Dina or a fan drawing. Since the two options were tied in the poll, I decided to do both. Here's the fan drawing!


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