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Current Residence: Toronto, Ontario Canada

Favourite genre of music: soundtrack

Favourite photographer: my sibling

Favourite style of art: North American Comics and Cartoons

MP3 player of choice: computer

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Skin of choice: The one I took from that human when I landed here is working just fine.

Favourite cartoon character: Luz, Spider-man, Scrooge McDuck, Huey Dewey and Louie, Baymax, Rapunzel, Fluttershy, Grimlock, and more

Personal Quote: usually inane, incomprehensible gibberish that is of no known language.

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Godzilla vs. Biollante
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Changes a lot; for now, Duck Tales, Big Hero 6, The Owl House, She-Ra, Legends of Tomorrow, the Mandalorian.
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Mostly stuff from movies, often Disney etc.
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Spider-man, Avengers, X-men, Runaways, Godzilla
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David McAvoy
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Usually Nintendo games like Zelda, Metroid, Pokemon or Mario, or Rpgs like Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, Kingdom Hearts etc.
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Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox 1,
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computer, paper, Pencil and Pencil Crayons.
Other Interests
Animals, Dinosaurs, Mythology and fantasy, Sci-fi, Godzilla, D&D, RPG Video games, and more

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will you ever do stories on the mew mews as animals just fan made stories of them please.

You would like that I were to write stories for the Tokyo Mew Mew pictures where I drew them as anthro animals, to make them a story to go with the pictures? Is that it?

To be fair, I never really had a story planned to go with the pictures. They were just a fun thing to create art with when I came across the original bases, and just ran with it when I came across more as it was a fun theme for art.

Secondly, I never really followed the plot of the show all that well. It's been years since I saw any episodes, and then it was only a few episodes of the American Dub. So even remembering the plot will be difficult. I think the best bet is to make my story a reboot rather than a spin off or sequel, and be the same only on thematic elements. I honestly never thought the villains or the mentors were all that interesting to begin with anyway.

If I were to write this story, I may just skip the whole magical girl concept with those magical girl dresses and just skip to them shifting from human to anthro animal only.

Then there is the matter of me having the time and will to devote to actually writing something of substance. I can perhaps come up with a skeleton/script of the story on my own, but if you want anything more complete than that, then you'll have to find me a co-author who can help write out that. If you can manage to find me someone willing to write the story with me, then I'd try to write something for you.

Love your art! Do you RP?

Thank you. Yes, I rp. What did you have i mind?

Hey, I replied to this in Notes! :)

Don’t you know is my birthday is 5th of May.

Well, Happy Birthday then, hope you have a great day :cake: :airborne: :party: