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A Morning at The Beach
An 11x17 printed digital painting of people on the beach at dawn doing various activities, from kids picking seashells to a couple walking their dog and an older and younger woman talking while walking their dog.

It took approximately 8 hr 45 mins to do in total, spanning over a few weeks.

Also, it was my first commission.


Corgi Beach Day by snatti89 Corgi Beach Day :iconsnatti89:snatti89 1,298 26 Happy 30th anniversary, Daisy! by TheBourgyman Happy 30th anniversary, Daisy! :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 1,838 123 Scent of Nature by ScarletWarmth Scent of Nature :iconscarletwarmth:ScarletWarmth 103 2
The Roo Role of a Lifetime! Pt. 4: Final Curtain
    Once more, Marissa dreamed she was Mary Hopper, and this time when she entered the valley with all the toony little ones, she saw that many of them were all gathered around that same shadowy figure, who was sitting down on the grass, and seemed to be reading from a book. As she neared him, she could hear him read to the little toons.
    "Once upon a time," he began in a calm and gentle voice "there was a girl named Marissa Hooper, who grew up to be an actress. Acting was her passion, for she loved to perform for the audience. Even as a little girl, she'd always want to participate in any school plays she could when she had the chance. Now that she was an adult however, she took her roles more seriously. Still, she had time to visit her friends. One such friend was a nice lady named Gloria Rhodes. She didn't always have that last name, but recieved it after she had married Dirk Rhodes. Upon one visit to her friend Gloria, Marissa found out that Gloria was expect
:iconredknight33:RedKnight33 5 29
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Hello, I just wanted to change my Journal, because the old one is old news :) 


It is an interesting shot of a Bumblebee at work, but it would have been better if the bee was more visible. Visible in the sense that ...


A Great Terror Looms... Virus Groudon!
A drawing based on a Roleplay a friend and I were doing, where the Main Characters encounter an evil Team Leader who uses the DNA of Groudon to create this monstrosity (based on the Virus Groudon from the Jirachi movie) and they have to battle it. 

Groudon Icon 

Spooky! :O
My Pokemon Dream Team
Ah, Pokemon... I've been playing you from the Gen 1 era ^^ along the way, I've met many special little critters and raised them into amazing beasts! From core series games, to fan games.

This, I believe is a culmination of my favourite 'Mons I've had, in real games, and fan games; condensed into a single Team, that I label "The Dream Team". 

"My Dream Team, your worst Nightmare."

Anyways, we have Garce (Garchomp), PMS (Spiritomb), Birdie (Togekiss) Calvaria (Delta Charizard (From the amazing Pokemon Insurgence fan game)), Coleslaw (Crawdaunt), and Bella Rosa (Roserade).

Of course, in the center is the lovely Salty Veteran Dinah. (Yes, my self-proclaimed Trainer Class, right there)

This took me 3 hours to draw last night, but it was a lot of fun ^^ 
She Took it too Literally...
Oh, Chochola... Chochola, Chochola... what have you done this time?
Family Game Day
I drew this for kicks xD

Here we have Princess Becky playing Wind Waker HD on the Wii U, and Trancellor Swirrl, Merlina the Royal Wizard, and Dizzy are watching her beat up the Helmarocking. XD Merlina doesn't look too happy about it though XP Gee, I wonder why (P.P)

Red Hot
Dinah from the Dinah and Sean comic series, drawn in a slightly more realistic style? Hey, why not? 
Gotta love the firebrand xP 

This took 2 hours to do, and was a fun little experiment!~


Dinah Maryann Ranieri
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I am a Christian, an aspiring comic artist who's greatest interests are; drawing, creating stories, watching anime and cartoons of the like, and playing video games. I also enjoy cheering up other people and cracking jokes, because why not? Other than that, nothing too special. I ain't no Rocket Scientist or Crewmember of the Starship Enterprise. xD

Favourite skin: The one that I wear on a day-to-day basis, thank you very much.

Favourite quote: "If it isn't broken, don't fix it!" -Anonymous

Favourite dessert: Anything.

Worst fault: Unbearably lazy when I have nothing important to do. :( Also, I have a horrendous fear of venturing outside my comfort zone. Okay, and I'm prone to bad language at times. Gotta work on that.

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What Is Your Level Of Randomness?
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