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Today I'm happy to release my Ultimate Guide to Splashes!

High-speed photography makes the perfect recipe to get stunning images. Splashes are dynamic, eye-catching and not so hard to shoot, as it may seem.
So, here's an Ultimate Guide to Splashes! That's high-speed photography made easy and fun! I won't torture you with techno babble or long descriptions of minor details. We're going to follow a simple step-by-step process which let you make fantastic action images using the very simple equipment.

Check out the Table of Contents and go straight to the part you like)

Part 1. Basic Level
Water Mage Apprentice

1. Freeze the motion: how it works
2. Gear: camera, tripod and lens
3. Keeping it safe (Embrace the mess!)
4. Lighting and camera settings
5. Making splashes!
6. Post-processing

Practice time! (Try it at home)
Note on natural light

Part 2. Advanced Level
Master of Hot Glue Gun and Water

Intro: Additional tools
1. Hot glue gun
2. Clamps and supports.

Ideas to try
1. Orange juice splash in a summer still life
(levitation of secondary objects)
2. Coffee for a stage magician
(balancing cups)
3. Coffee from the top shelf (flying cups)
4. Antigravity cocktails
(zero gravity effect)

Available to all my Patrons from Professor tier and higher to download. And I'm making a new tier specifically with this book.

Check out my Parteon page, get the book and start taking amazing high-speed photos with just two speedlights and a glue gun!
Good news! Now I have a Patreon page!
Join me and get an to an exclusive Patron feed with content you won't see from my other social media platforms:
updates of upcoming projects,
backstages from most of my shootings,
little tricks and lifehacks for conceptual still life photography,
before and after images,
GIFs with step-by-step process,
other work in progress bonuses!

Welcome on board!
Forgot to post it on Halloween. But better late than never)

Autumn is my favorite season. Everything turns bright and colorful; every leaf and tiny pumpkin is just asking to be a part of a still-life story. And when it gets closer to Halloween, those stories turn into spooky tales: slightly eerie, but really fun to tell.…

Zoi-RzKrglU by dinabelenko

The best part of winter is the hot drinks. Raspberry jam tea, lattes with whipped cream, hot cocoa and marshmallows—all this sweet stuff not only tastes fantastic, but is perfect for photos—especially if you add a little levitation spell!

Here’s how to create a hot cocoa still life with a touch of magic.…

Hot cocoa tutorial by dinabelenko

Hey there! New tutorial is live! This time with popsicles, fruits and splashes!

Read it here:…
And check out my other tutorial on a website:…

WRddIIElsAs by dinabelenko

New tutorial for #500px ! Camping, roasted marshmallows and open fire…

  by dinabelenko

У меня теперь есть канал в Телеграме, где я пишу про вдохновение, королей и капусту. То есть, про всякие штуки, которые не всегда связаны напрямую с фотографией, но помогают придумывать красивые картинки. Присоединяйтесь:)

Write it. Shoot it. Publish it. Crochet it, sauté it, whatever. MAKE.
― Joss Whedon
I'm ready for my first English webinar, hooray! This Saturday (July 8, 8:00 pm GMT) join me for a talk about inspiration. How to deal with creative block, where to find ideas for your photos and how to stay inspired in general. I'm going to share my skething techniques and some tips and lifehacks that work for me. And, sure, I'll do my best to answer any of your questions about still life photogrpahy.

Click the link to sign up!…

I'm still nervous about my English, so this beta-version of a webinar is coming without donations and other stuff like that. Just you, me and many ways to be inspired at 9 o'clock every morning. Also, if you want me to cover some specific question on this subject, let me know in the comments!
So, now I have a website with a collection of tutorials I've written: splashes, drops, smoke and sparkles! Check it out and do try it at home!


Workshop Page by dinabelenko
New tutorial is ready! I made a step-by-step article with instructions, pictures and GIF's illustrating the entire process (from light to post-processing).  It's completely free, as usual. To get the link for this tutorial, go to my my Instagram page, repost this picture with a note „Dina dinabelenko, I want to know, how it's done“. Send me a Direct massage and get your link! Let's take photos about seas and pirates together! All hands on deck!

Pirate Bay Tutorial!2 by dinabelenko
„Pirate Island“ is a a papercraft collaborative project we made together: London-based paper-artist and illustrator Annemarieke Kloosterhof and Dina Belenko — conceptual still life photographer from Russia.

Over a year ago, we connected through Instagram and followed each others work and decided we wanted to do a project together that would fuse paper craft and illustration work by Annemarieke and Dina's photography. We came up with an idea together, worked on a concept and little details and made two slightly different versions of  the same floating island with a treehouse, sails, pirate clothes, hammocks and of course a treasure-chest!

Pirate Island by dinabelenko

7 Final image by dinabelenko

Day Version made by Annemarieke looks like a treehouse for Peter Pan, here Neverland is real, magic does exist and Paper-Art can bring back Lost Boys and Girls. Night Version made by Dina inspired by slightly darker magic of „Windmill, windmill for the land. Turn forever hand in hand“.

To see our results next to each other is so interesting, as they are the same yet completely different! This collaboration has been such a wonderful journey with lots of creative desision making with pushing and pulling from both ends, that the result is something really organic and diverse that we could not have planned or hoped for.
I hope you guys enjoy the outcome as much as we enjoyed the process! :)

More work in progress:…
Where do you find your creative inspiration?

Usually I say something like “Oh, just look around! There are so many interesting things! From cookies to raindrops on a window glass.” And it’s still true, but now my main sources of inspiration are various podcasts, which have nothing to do with photography or even still life. It turned out that information from fields unconnected to your profession gives your brain an incentive to look closer at connections between things. So you can listen to a season of Writing Excuses and came up with picture about insomnia. And Freakonomics can make you think of a Newton’s Cradle from cherries. My favourite one is still Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (written by Eliezer Yudkowsky, read by Eneasz Brodski): I never made a picture directly inspired by it, but it is constantly humming in the back of my mind, pushing me to be productive.

That's my favourive bit in my new interview at 500px ISO:…

Sales by dinabelenko

Hey! New tutorial is published on 500px ISO. That time it's about flying food ^__^
Check it out here:…

Food Levitation by dinabelenko
Lift me up! by dinabelenko
So, I have a couple of new tutorials, but they are published in Russian magazines. I'll translate them as soon as I can, but for the time being you can check out these links ^_^

This one in Photo Foodie Magazine Finally I can share it! Last summer splashes in the middle of autumn:

Photo foodie1 by dinabelenko
Photo foodie2 by dinabelenko

That one in Fotus Magazine here:

Liftmeup!3 by dinabelenko

I hope pictures will be pretty much self explanatory. But I'm working on translation! ^__^
I finally learned how to photograph steam, huzzah! And immidiately made a tutorial about it. With GIFs :)

Read it here:…

Steam life by dinabelenko
Hey, my new tutorial about splashes and falling cups can be read here:…

Let’s see how we can shoot a dynamic image with falling cups and splashing liquid using only two speedlights and a glue gun:)

Dodho by dinabelenko
Hey! I have published a new tutorial on 500px ISO. Now it's about dreams, jars, clouds, magical stories and paper. Check it out:…

Dreams Tutorial by dinabelenko
My new tutorial is published, wooo-hooo!…Splash by dinabelenko

And also there's an article about my favourite tools here:…

Hope, you like it! Many people have asked me about splashes, so there you go))
Hey there! I have a new tutorial, this time — a sparkly one! :)…

Everything's Better with Sparkles, right? :)Sparkler Tutorial by dinabelenko

My new tutorial with autumn and rain is live on 500px!…

500px Fall by dinabelenko