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I started uploading a bunch of art that I have procrastinated on uploading. I have more that I've worked on, and I feel should belong in my gallery. Like many people, I have decided to set goals for myself. Hopefully writing it here will help. With more time on my hands than I have ever had before (without work or school), I have been thinking about producing more artwork. Depending on the quality of each piece, the time it takes for a new upload may vary but hopefully I will at least work on something each week.
Since I do not own a tablet, most of my digital art are colored after scanning the lineart in a scanner. My access to a scanner is limited this summer because the cord was misplaced. However, I may continue to work on digital pieces without a scanner and draw all of it with the little touchpad on my laptop. I can also take a picture of the lineart and try to trace it on the computer, I'll find a way. Otherwise, I have a few traditional art pieces that I have been working on. I'm having fun, and it's fun to be back on the site and checking out the awesomnesses on deviantart.
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