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Wich LOL champion would you like me to illustrate?

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 19, 2015, 9:03 AM
Hi guys! 

Im just making a quick poll to know wich LOL champion would be nice to illustrate next, so ill make a list and keep that order. I want to make a bunch of LOL champions illustrations!


Any comment or suggestion please let me know!

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Updating gallery!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2015, 1:12 AM
Hi everyone! 

I have been working hard lately and i just have my deviantart a little abandoned, but now i will shape it up again and i promise to be up to date!
But first i would like to know something...

What kind of art would you like to see from me? more fan art maybe? Original characters? People? Fantasy art? Sci fi? 

Just tell me what would you like to see so i can use it as a guideline to shape again this gallery...

Thank you all guys!

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Follow me on Tumblr or Twitter!

Mon Jul 2, 2012, 7:19 PM
Hey people!!

Now im on tumblr! It would be nice to see some of you people overthere and have some critiques and stuff.
Or see ya on Twitter dimorali .... hope to see ya around!

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Now on blogspot!!!

Wed Dec 29, 2010, 6:01 PM

Hey everyone!!!!

Well, It´s been a long time that i was thinking to make my own blog at blogspot to have some feedback, make friends, have some critiques, etc. so, now i did!!!

Here it is:

So i hope you like it and i also hope to see ya around!!!

Peace!!! :lol:

Hey people!!

Im really glad to be back like a Premium member here in DA, i just pushed (brainwashed  :dance:) my bro :iconmauricio-morali: into giving me the membership!!!! woo hooo!!! Now i feel so..... V.I.P.  :excited:
Im just sooo excited about that, vacations, school and everything else happening right now!!

The semester is over,and also 2009, now is time to relax!! Happy holidays people!!!!!! :santa:
But for me...  i will work hard this holidays on my gallery, ill be submitting some new stuff so i hope you like it.

Well changing the subject a lil bit...

You know? i really would love you to gimme your sincere impression and critiques of my work. I´m in a stage of looking for my own (unique) style, and i can only succed practicing, studying and of course having a sincere feedback from the people around me and out there!!

Thanx people for all your comments and critiques, and of course thanx for stopping by!!!

If you want u can add me to facebook, see ya!!

:matteo: Ohhhh its soo nice to be back!!

Well, finally, im starting to fill my empty gallery with some works sketches, etc.I hope you like all of my works, and please if you have a question or a comment, opinion or whatever, just ask!!

In fact im not just starting here in deviantart, but in my career also, im studying graphic design and i want to be an illustrator and a concept artist so i have to work very hard.
But why do i love it?

well i come from a family of artists, graphic artists. The mother of my grandpa was a student of a very good artist (Jose Maria Velasco) here in México, my grandpa studied to be an illustrator in New York and worked for MGM (Metro Goldwin Mayer) many years drawing the posters for the movies, cause they were made by hand. Then he came to Mexico again and he worked here until he died almost 10 years ago....

Then my parents studied industrial and graphic design so i think thats why i love graphic design and illustration, i guess i took something from all of this people in my family so i hope i can be as good as my grandpa or my parents someday!!

Im so excited to begin a new stage in my life!! Anyways...

Thanks for watching my works and for everything else!!
See ya around!!

This is a great day, at last im here, sharing my thoughts, my ideas, and my friendship with all the talents of this site!! Well, its just incredible for me to be part of the largest community of art on the net, (in 3 words) im very happy!

Well as you all can see i've made my first submission, i really expect to submit more of my art soon (at least all ive done in the last year)to have bigger gallery.

Well i wish you all the best of luck and thank you!!



Please leave comments of every single thing you want to say.
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