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I'm not dead!!
Just wait for me a little bit. I don't have internet right now. Don't worry about your commissions, I'm done with most of them. I know a lot of you are disappointed in me but I'm doing my best right now so just a little bit more if it's ok with you guys. I know it's been so long now and I'm already embarrassed by this. I'll be back again within a week or two to submit them and fill you guys what's been happening lately. DDD': Edit: By the way, I did not remove anything from my page. I'm so confused now, I'm not sure what to do with it TT____TT
Devious Journal Entry
I'll be submitting my commissioned works to this account >> Dimoos-den (https://www.deviantart.com/dimoos-den) I haven't cleaned my inbox for a long time now and just by looking at all those notes make me confused!! Notes just keep piling up and I can't answer all of them right now. I need to focus on commissions first D': Some of them are long overdue!! Since I keep on deleting some of my old works in this account, you can follow my Tumblr >> http://dimothylou.tumblr.com/, I also post some wips there too~ I won't delete my works there. I won't delete those on Dimoos-den (https://www.deviantart.com/dimoos-den) either. :'D
Half/Knee Up at 12 USD CLOSED
I'm open for Half Body/Knee Up with transparent or plain background only~!! :'D :thumb302359900: I'm in need of cash right now but I still need to finish my other commissions too so I'm offering something that I'm a hundred percent sure that I can handle in such a short time. I think I'll just get about 10 - 12 slots.