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Bored out of my mind



Once, I saw a friend of mine she posted up her picture and I thought her face expression was priceless. I asked her if I can paint it and she approved :)
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I like this one it screams originality.the picture can kind of place you anywhere to where the girl is. In class, her room , or a car . I like that it gets me thinking. Its seems pretty classic. I can't imagine how much I feel like that. Its pretty simple and not much but I love the artwork. <img class="avatar" src="a.deviantart.net/avatars/n/i/n…" alt=":iconniceplz:" title="niceplz" /> not to much impact, like I said its pretty simple. But compared to my artwork its really good. By the way is this supposed to be a self portrait of you? Kind of looks funny like an Asian girl from one of them types of movies. Anyway I hope I can see more from you! <img class="avatar" src="a.deviantart.net/avatars/e/x/e…" alt=":iconexcitedplz:" title="excitedplz" />