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Vikings's america (mapping)

this is a map of the amercia under the viking's (my ancestors :3) rule if they stand there since 900's.

short story:
in 900's the vikings are searching for new comercial relations in the west,they found iceland and they colonized it.
ten years after they went to the north,and colonized Groenland (Graenland) in viking language.
vikings started to sell furs to all europe and they found Labrador sea and baffin's island.
Vikings started to colonize Vinland and quickly,the markland and new oslo.
Vikings expands their colonies,they colonized baffin's island actual Vinland,new Oslo,and  Myfundjarland.
in 1000's Vikings founded Varmland in the actual mexico and texas,they colonize Florida too.
20years after they start to expand to the west,consuering all the amerindians which lives there.
in 1057 the official capital is now New Oslo.
Viking's america still under Vinking's scandinavia's rule as a colony. the king of the vikings started to form the Norvegian nation and kept the colony.
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Isn't the viking language english xD
DimLordofFox's avatar
My maps are in English
waterpoke's avatar
I know but you said "Groenland (Graenland) in viking language".
DimLordofFox's avatar
It's the pronounciation :/
FlagArmadaProductns's avatar
Looks similar to my Draynorian Flag.
DimLordofFox's avatar
i didn't seen your flag so idk xD
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I like this one.  Very nice.   :)
DimLordofFox's avatar
thx u very much :D
Arminius1871's avatar
That would be so amazing if they really established Vinland!
DimLordofFox's avatar
They did but they were only hundreds of vikings living there :/
Arminius1871's avatar
And disappeared, also from Greenland.
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