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greater Turkey (mapping)
okay,hi guys,sorry for aaaaaaaaall that time i've been away but i have tons of work. Anyway,today i show you a map of greater Turkey here we go !

name: Greater Turkish republic (Greater Turkey)
date of foundation: 1921
capital city: Ankara
type: Republican democracy.

after wwI Allied powers start negotiations with the central powers for peace; So they dealed with the Ottomans the treaty of Sèvres which is the same than in our reality.
Turkey was almost fully occupied and was ruined,most of the citizens didn't accept that treaty and the country was about to explode.
in 1919 a certain Ataturk created an army,from the black sea coast he created a new governemental center in Ankara.
Months after months,Ataturk's army was training and gained in power,they defeated Armenians,greeks,French Syrians,Italians and took Constantinople.

Meanwhile in the middle east,the new spheres of influence of France and Britain are in trouble;Local population wanted to be in free arab states not being the puppets of
Western powers. In French Syria and British Levant (Irak) the situation was out of control,these two countries were being the theater of huge fights and bloodsheds.
seeing that,Ataturk started a Campaign in French Syria to take the Hatay region and when the turkish army was entering Syria,Ataturk signed an alliance treaty with the
local rebels.
in 1921,Hatay is occupied like all the northern part of Syria close to the Border,Turkey annex some parts of the Syrian Kurdistan.
it's in March 1921 that Britain signed a treaty with the Iraki rebels,making Irak not a occupied territory,but an arab kingdom,working with Britain and who recognize British occupation
in strategic zones,Britain changes the borders of the Iraki kingdom and split Kurdistan from Irak,giving to the two countries,parts of occupied Persia.
But,the British armys,who were occupying the Northern parts of Irak,had to face turish armies who wanted to invade Kurdistan and Turcomeni Region in Irak;at this moment...
Britain joined war with France.
In the same time Persia was becoming a new problem,Britain wanted to make a short road between England and Irak and India;that road would be moslty on the sea,transporting troops
 from England to gilbraltar,Malta,Cyprus and finaly the Levant. Due to a rebellion in British Jordan-arabia,the road would be built throught French Syria because it's shorter and France
is defeating Turkey at some places.
Britain join France but Turkey is stronger than they thought. the war is turning into a middle east version of WWI,France and Britain negociate peace with Turkey.

Treaty of Lausanne (alternate):
Turkey will be recognized as an independant nation.
Greece will annex Bulgarian thrace but nut Turkish Thrace or Greek speaking area of Ionia.
Greece will give 300K musilms to Turkey in exchange of 1.5M Greeks of Asia.
Turkey recognize the mandate of France and Britain in the middle east.
Turkey will annex,French Hatay and Syrian Kurdistan.
Turkey will annex some territories in Northern Irak and will recognize the Iraki kingdom under British dominion.
Turkey will annex the western part of the Great Armenia.

years after in 1924-25,Ataturk was assasinated and replaced with a Turkish nationalist extremist;
this same year  Persia started to kill Azerb minorities close to Turkey which reacted quickly and sent troops at the border. in only 2 Months,a new war was declared.
during the year of 1925,Persia was winning,entering in Turkey close to Van's lake,But Turkey,Kurdistan,and Britain stroke back and Persia was forced to sign a peace treaty in 1926.

treaty of Cirze:
Turkey will occup south Azerbaidjan region and administrate it.
Kurdistan will annex parts of Persia.
British Iraki kingdom will anex parts of Arabistan.
Britain will annex parts of Baluchestan and create an occupation Zone on the coast.

but only 6months after the treaty,Turkey annex the region of south Azerbaidjan,Persia did nothing,they knew a new war would be catastrophic for the moment.

in WWII,Turkey did not allied with Germany,but Turkey attacked soviet union with Germany; While Britain was occupying Persia and Syria;
Turkey seeing the German forces at the gates of Caucasus,declared war on the Soviets and quickly occup the coastline of the Black sea to reach the German lines.
Turkey sent huge amount of troops in Northern Azerbaidjan too and annexed it,they occup Armenia too and they are quickly invading the Caspian coastline.
in 1942,Caucasus is sorrounded in the north by German troops fighting close to stalingrad,and Turkish armies who occup the coast and the south.
A huge bubble of soviet occupation still in the middle of the Caucasus but,sorrounded,the bubble Collapse and help Germany to take Stalingrad and the Caucasus's oil.

Now...wuld you like to see Turkey win...or being collapsed by a Soviet counter-attack ? that is the question...

Hey guys! Today i'm questioning, would some of you like chat with me and see which maps i'm drawing, propose me and share maps, heraldry and scenarios with me and other people? If yes i propose to create a discord server where we could do that and so mich more, the link will be on my profile don't worry!
So please tell me in comments and/or in notes if you would like to join and see that server ;)

Few maps will be uploaded soon, i'm pretty taken by my job so i don't always have the time plus i admit i weren't here since ages... That's why i wanna create that server so you'll see how the maps is goin' :3

I've finished my speech :3 have a nice day everyone :3
Hi dear watchers :3 i have something to propose you... I would like to create a discord server where y'all could request and share maps, scenarios, heraldry and more if you want... Tell me if you think it could be a good idea or/and if ypu would like to join!
Final 100 watchers ! Thx u all guys ! I luv u all


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