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At Garden City and at Shaw's ranch, the night descended and all the inhabitants lay down to rest. Even the bandits, and they fell asleep ... And we will rest too.

As you already understood, my friends, I completed the first part of the “Western” project and I want to take a short break for rest. This Wednesday I will leave for Siberia and return in early May with new powers and ideas.
In the meantime, I thank you and enjoy!

Your Dmitry aka Dimir3D!
WWWest 36
The bounty hunter turned out to be a young woman. Black shirt, black pants, black boots with cuffs were complemented by a flat black hat, also, of course, black. The only bright spot was a red silk bandana on the head.
The woman was armed with a revolver and, unexpectedly, a sabber. Moreover, it was clear that she is well able to handle this weapon.

Beatrice: - "Hello, Sonja. I was told that you are the best in your business west of the great river. I hope that this is the right information ..."
Sonja: - "Well, I received awards for the heads of Long Bill and Peter - Six fingers. If you know who this is about, then no other recommendation is required."
Beatrice: - “I read about it in the newspaper, but I don’t believe journalists much. It’s all too much like a fairy tale. But it doesn’t matter ... Do you know why I was looking for you?”
Sonya: - "I can only guess. In the saloons they say that your sister died in the attack on the stage and you obviously want me to find those who are involved. Is I right?"
Beatrice: - "Yes ... I will pay you twenty-five thousand dollars if you bring me the head of the one who killed my sister. Also, you will immediately receive five thousand dollars for running costs. Any horses and equipment you need will also will be provided to you completely free ... "
Sonja: - "An interesting offer. And a very attractive price, but ... What's the catch?"
Beatrice: - "It's all about the sheriff. Nathalie McKenna is also looking for these bandits and she can accuse you of obstructing justice ... Will you take on this business?"
Sonja (shrugging): - “It’s not the first time that I’ll be at enmity with Nathalie McKenna. I hope not the last ... Yes, I agree, Ms. Shaw.  We can say that their heads are already mounted on stakes near your gate . "
Beatrice (nodded): "I hope so ... Rosalind will give you money for expenses and provide access to equipment and horses ... Goodbye, Sonja. And I am waiting for good news."


In the role of Sonja - :iconsonnyftm:
WWWest 35
At this late hour, Shaw's ranch was very quiet. The traditional guitar did not sound, there were no evening dances, even conversations were whispered. All residents of the ranch - cowboys, grooms, maidservants - all grieved over the tragic death of Annabelle Shaw. And they were worried about Mrs. Beatrice, who, for several hours after the funeral, had not left her room ...

... A young woman, in a black mourning dress, sits at the dressing table. The graceful hand supports the head with a high hairstyle into which the lush mane has turned. The fingers of the other hand gently stroke the old letter, in the place where the signature is visible. There is a sad expression on the woman’s face, but there are no tears ...

The door creaked slightly and a dark-skinned maid entered the room.

The maid (quietly and respectfully): - "Mrs. Beatrice ..."
Beatrice (with a sad sigh): "What do you want, Rosalind? .. I don't want to see anyone, you know about it. This night I want to say goodbye to my sister ..."
Rosalind: - "Sorry, madam, but ... You asked to find a bounty hunter. She is waiting in the hall ..."
Www 34
Roberta had no chance.
Fawn all calculated correctly. She kept Robert at gunpoint and did not allow to move her hand. In addition, Manuel and Scar were nearby, who also knew how to use guns well.

Fawn: - "Agree to my proposal, Robert. Seventy percent is a good price for you."
Roberta (deadpan): - "A minute ago it was seventy-five percent ..."
Fawn: - "If you hesitate, it will be sixty percent ... In this safe, as far as I understood, something is stored that will allow us to swim in luxury with you. And you are greedy and you don’t share with your best friend. It is not By the rules, Roberta ... By the way, do you know why I accepted your initial offer? Because you have honor and iron nerves, and in our business, this is the key to success. For example, now ...  You even I did not blink an eye, although you are alone, but there are three of us. You cannot but understand that it is I who dictate terms. Nevertheless, you are stubborn and do not agree. What do you count on? "
Roberta: - "On her!"
The Fawn caught movement out of the corner of his eye, turned his head and saw a shotgun edge, aimed at her face ...

* BANG *

The charge of the grapeshot smashed the legs of the chair in which the Fawn was sitting and the gangster fell on the floor with its ass. It was painful and shameful ...
Fawn’s minions were defeated at the same time as his chieftain. Manuel lay against the wall and moaned.  Scar, running into the room, saw the shotgun barrels aimed at him and raised his hands. He knew all too well what the chest turned into after a shot from such a weapon.
Roberta: - "Fawn ... It was a good attempt. And I, perhaps, agree to your conditions. But in order to get these thirty percent, you will have to work hard. Not later than noon tomorrow we have to open this safe. So that look for the key ... Or should I send my people? By the way, meet the Fox ... "
WWWest 33
But the barbel was not very upset. He was clearly interested in Roberta’s red-haired assistant. Firmly hugging the girl by the waist, Manuel whispered something in her ear, but the red-haired Maria only shyly turned her graceful head, even more provoking the gangster.

Roberta: - "So, where are my papers?"
Fawn (putting one foot on the other): - "I have a safe, but ... It is locked and we cannot open it. We need a cipher and a key for the inner door."
Roberta: - "I am not interested in your difficulties, Fawn. I paid you in advance so that you could get the papers from the safe that an ordinary traveling salesman carries. Without protection, by the way ... The task for the youngster. But I still don’t see the papers... "
Fawn: - "By the way, about the security! You did not say that the federal marshal would be in the stage. As a result, I lost two great guys, and Manuel's hat was punched in two places ... And the fat man said that the papers from the safe stand Millions of silver dollars. Considering that you only paid me a couple of thousand, I want to change the terms of the deal. Twenty-five percent of what’s in that safe and tomorrow you will receive your documents. "
Roberta: - "Fawn?.."
Fawn: - "Keep your hands away from the revolver, Robert! You are alone against the three of us. Besides, Scar is armed with a rifle and he will shoot a bullet into your head from afar ... Agreed? Excellent!"


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Welcome to my page. All that you see is just imagination. I specialize in 3D-image of a crime scene similar to what you see in TV shows and movies. If you like the cover on the old detective magazines - you like my work. If you are offended by the images on this page, you must leave us. All images on this page are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.
Copyright Tag for Deviants 4 by rclarkjnr
All characters are fictitious and any similarity to actual persons living or lived accidentally and unintentionally.


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