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Bioshock - IV

Photography - [link]
Costume/Props - [link]
Location - [link]

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Nov 15, 2009, 10:21:47 PM
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HalleAlquinCat's avatar
I Love This Game! ( ˘ ³˘)♥
DimHorizonStudio's avatar
It'll forever be one of my favorites! :D
Crazzehl's avatar
this big daddy looks so awesome
KaeporaGaebora3's avatar
You guys truly did amazing!
I appriciate the work you went through.
HaiDaiyu's avatar
Wow, that's pretty awesome.
I just read the creating process of the Big Daddy and that's freaking amazing
HaiDaiyu's avatar
P.S Did you get actual permission to shoot this at the aquarium or is this photoshop?
Subject-Delta12's avatar
It's a photo. The costumes are all made. I just am in awe of the directness of the Bouncer's likeness. You should do one next of an Alpha series, AKA, my profile name!!
The-Last-Dragon-Kni's avatar
This is awsome...Is it a photo or a Digi art?
MJWilliam's avatar
That's amazing.
Makisai's avatar
Wow..this is absolutly amazing...How did you get into the aquarium with your costumes?
DimHorizonStudio's avatar
Volpin Prop's and I were able to work with the PR department and get permission to enter the location before they opened to the public that day. :)
Makisai's avatar
Wow that's cool. It was hard work I mind, weren't it? And this wor was worth it (is that correct english?)
DimHorizonStudio's avatar
It's close enough English. :)

Thank you! It was all hard but very much worth it!
FantasyDragons's avatar
Thats like :O
and all the fish wooo
Bushitaka's avatar
just awsome picture. really like it.
thanks for the fav
Who-Loves-Her's avatar
I don't play Bioshock, not much of a gamer and probably never will be, but I've always thought it looked so neat, with the strange setting and original story. And the Little Sisters and their Big Daddies? So scarily-is that even a word?-adorable.

Great photos, and the creator of the costume did such a nice job!

My younger sister seems pretty interested in this game too...maybe she'll end up playing it and I could watch! :)
kairithebeat's avatar
wahh this is AWESOMEEE!!!! :)
Little-Lamieee's avatar
Never played the game-and I probably don't plan on ever playing it because I absolutely stink at games-but this is so amazing! I was wondering if you had an account here ever since I saw the pictures on the creator of the costume's blog.

Very nice!
Thank you for sharing with us.
kisu-koneko's avatar
oh this kills my little sister so hard xD
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