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Watching Over You

Applejack, Applebloom, and 1984.

Also, not relying on lines so much is pretty fun.
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Sure is creepy, mate!

Yeah, Orwell's writings were pretty creepy too. But thought-provoking, as well!

ItalianRepublic's avatar
Lemme quote Adolf Hitler: Hitler NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN 
DaraPony15's avatar
Applebloom: Applebloom (fear) plz 
SnapCentino's avatar
Now imagine Room 101 in this setting.
mercenario1945's avatar
And who is Julia? Winona?
Shamrock95's avatar
Apples are doubleplusgood fruit.
ZombieFX's avatar
Its time for a Vendetta!
cbugnet2's avatar
1984. My big brother is reading that for school.
Ragameechu's avatar
I felt sad for Applebloom in that one...:( Nice work, though! :clap:

And now this:

:iconrarityiswatchinguplz: Sorry, I couldn't help it. :shrug:
starscreamfan2244's avatar
Yush! 1984 Yush! Started reading the book a week ago but I've been busy with school
JonnySalami's avatar
Heh, I get the reference~ 
ShineyLuna's avatar
No its "pinkie pie is watching you FOREVER" m.o.m
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Double helmet is doubleplus good! :)
Freefox's avatar
Priceless, and I just finish the book yesterday
Thedragonkeeper1995's avatar
1984 yiss.

Loving this style dude.
Ponyshmirtz's avatar
This is so perfect! I'm reading this book for school! 
ricojes's avatar
Lo-23's avatar
Nice use of dark and grim colors. Awesome job on it. :)
BerylliumArt's avatar
This is perfection.
jyroman53's avatar
Dat episode in a shellnut
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