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Twilight and Spike, Part 3

 Twilight stumbles blindly outside, concluding a Rube Goldberg esque series mishaps orchestrated by Spike in response to the scroll prank she had played on him earlier that night.…
She later (post pumpkin removal) finds herself amid the annual Nightmare Night festival.

Made for the (now passed) occasion.
I had intended to have this done for Halloween night, but my schedule wasn't having it.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Parts 2 & 4 will come; eventually.
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Pinkie Pie as a tank? Ha! Best costume for Nightmare Night. :D 
BarryFromMars's avatar
Is a next part ever coming?
DimFann's avatar
Well Halloween is coming up once again, so it'd fit the theme if I did another part. Depends on the old schedule as always.
BarryFromMars's avatar
Took me a while to realize that this is a "part 2" to that picture of twilight dropping those scrolls around spike.
phylos7's avatar
Why is pinkie a tank!? >:U
DimFann's avatar
Best costume.
DoughnutJoe's avatar
As Twilight's unfocused magic beam carves swathe's of destruction through Ponyville. :D
DoughnutJoe's avatar
Zounds, I just used an apostrophe for a plural. A typo demon must have possessed me. *shame*
DimFann's avatar
Hah, I hadn't considered that. Will definitely include something of that nature when I get around to drawing up the conclusion.
Allanpike's avatar
... Part 3 without a part 2?
schneelocke's avatar
Surreal! And a very good picture, too. Looking forward to the missing parts!
DimFann's avatar
Thanks, I'll get them done eventually (though not too long from now, hopefully).
Mighty355's avatar
OMG, That is hilarious.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Where's part 2?
DimFann's avatar
In the making.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
You make your comics in non-chronological order?
DimFann's avatar
Depends on the situation, sometimes it's easier to fill in a gap.
Schreiter's avatar
Who need chronology?
BoneSatellite's avatar
Aw, c'mon Spike, none of your friends would ever make you clean up a mess (no matter who made it) and miss out on a holiday.
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