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The Sock Hop

A diner, with a ton of ponies in it, that I've been working on for like a year.

Commission for Gunther627
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Amazing! There's a ton of cool detail here.
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Lovely art. You really caught the 50's look of that diner.
BiG-Di-WolF's avatar
Amazing pic *O* 
toonytox's avatar
Kyoshyu's avatar
Wow. That place is bustling! :la:
chaosmalefic's avatar
woah, very detailed. Can't imagine the patience it took you to do this
Atlas-66's avatar
I see here a very large work of enormous size, it's hard to guess. And I understand when you sit for a long time over one drawing, you start hating it))
Eli-J-Brony's avatar
Looks awesome. A diner full of ponies.
EngineTrap's avatar
Wow, this is just amazing. Fantastic Job as usual!
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Ayyyyy! That’s fantastic!
baneofEurope's avatar
Looks Awesome. 
speedox12's avatar
So much detail! •0•
zapplebow's avatar
when Dim notices one perspective error and redraws the whole thing
DimFann's avatar
I didnt redraw it. Just did some did some uhhh, surgery 👀
Gunther627's avatar
.. That may or may not have happened in the making of this piece.

Cannot confirm nor deny. LOL
cajobif's avatar
Amazing. This is really amazing piece.
MrELVeeJay's avatar many details
Doctor-Derpy's avatar
I love it! This world feels really lived in with all these original characters :D
SomeNavySEALs's avatar
This is a wonderful piece, from the primary scene to the remarkably detailed background. Love your work, man.
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that commission probably was $200 at least haha
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Believe it or not, It was $100. I was stunned myself. A pay upon completion, actually. And I was able to squeeze in 9 ponies of my choosing, 8 of which are quite close friends and/or related.

DimFann is wonderful to work with. I recommend commissioning the guy. You won't regret it :heart:
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