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Still Somewhat Gummy

By DimFann
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Pinkie Pie and Gummy (in some ambiguous field as always).
This started out as her riding a much larger weaponized Gummy, but then this happened.
I really need to make a grass brush or something.

On a less related note: Many thanks to whomever it was that gave me that 12 months premium, I will try to make the most of it content wise.
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....You might want to take your hoof out of his mouth.....
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I wanna see her get bit...
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oh silly, she often got "bit's" during the show!  XD
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Ummmmmm, Pinke, your hove is in gummy mouth. I think you might want to remove it before he tastes blood.
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If Gummy is truly a domesticated pet the way a dog would be, then Pinkie should be fine. I know my dogs could bite my hand off if they wanted to; do I worry about it? No, not at all.
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This is Gummy during the Zebra-Pony war. 
I calls it.
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owwwwwwww que lindo XD
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Awwww. Grown or not, he's still cute!
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This may happen one day.

As for seeing if he will remember her love and caring that is another thing.

Wonderful work
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Well, Gators are actually pretty intelligent...this is why he will kill her in the end.
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And it bites off Pinkies leg and she bleeds to death! Dash wakes up after 10 days and realizes she is single again! and the Austin Powers music plays!
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After that day, she was known as Pinkie Threelegs....
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