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Rock Science

They're minerals Maud.


Relevant from sketch:
2kFt8Um by DimFann 
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Not sure what I'm looking at, but if I had to guess, we've got two seconds until the world ends.
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This makes me think of the beginning of Half life. I love that you used Maud as part of this idea though, that's a nice touch.
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What excactly is Mr.IHaveAPhDInLookingLikeFreeman really doing? I don't think anyone actually got it.
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They're waiting for you, Gordon...
In the Test Chamber.
DimFann's avatar
In the Test Chamberrrerr.
TSMatchsticks's avatar
Was Mr. Blue Sky firing the laser and such supposed to have a mane like Freeman's hair? If so, bravo on the striking resemblance.
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what an interesting picture. some really interesting details to take in.
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Inb4 resonance cascade.
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When science make researches where they do something stupid, risky, close to insane in name of their sheer curiosity, ego and prestige, instead of reading a single report that would avoid taking precious lives.

Bad side of science. When said geniuses are not so bright after all. Just kids playing with others' lives.

Wonderful work on this.
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Well, science -rocks-. ;p
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Let's see... Read 2000 page report on the dangers(among a great many other things) of this mysterious space rock.


Take the new gamma ray gun we got, and shoot the rock.

:yeehaw: :lahaw: 
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:iconcavejohnsonplz: I don't know about you, but around here we take action, we don't read about it in long-winded papers! So after being handed the option to either read a two-thousand page report on the supposed 'dangers' of that mysterious new space rock sample, or to shoot it with that shiny new gamma ray gun that was finished earlier today, of course we chose the gun!

I think we received reports of equipment and pieces from that particular laboratory landing in Australia. How they hit Sydney instead of the miles of barren outback or ocean, well, that's what Testing For Reproducibility is for! We just need to find that gamma ray gun first.

Cave Johnson; we're done here.
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How hard can it be to analyze this thing? It's not rock-science!
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He just casted an RPG!!!
Arthek's avatar
Resonance Cascade incoming.
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Where's Gordon Freeman when you need him...probably stuck on the studio set making Half-Life Episode 3 I'd bet...well, guess one of those ponies will have to do. I volunteer Maud!
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A Unicorn Haedron Colider... owO ... Only in Equestria. ^^;
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A Unicorn Head-On Collider?

With the horn...on a unicorn's head...yeah.

Stopping now.
RickyDutton's avatar
probably a good idea.

You'd want to quit while you're a-Head...
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Ear's hoping for more original puns. But eye see what you did thair : )
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Is... is he booping Maud?
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"Jesus Christ, Maud!"
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