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This has the perfect proportions to be my next phone background.
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Buck this. Buck that. Buck everything.
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That looks comfortable and she looks sterned about something.
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Whoa, this looks really good! The shading is very clean, and the style is awesome
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Don't ask her, she doesn't want to talk about it.
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Your coloring style is different than many other artists.  I like it a lot!
DimFann's avatar
Glad to hear it :D
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"I am the Applejack and I speak for the trees."
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Very nice image.
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You can still use broken trees well.
Very cute!
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I love her pose x)
So who's over worked here? AJ, the tree, or both?
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Poor Applejack bucked the tree too hard. Now, is she angry because she lost a tree or because the reason she bucked it too hard....

Ummmm.... She just needs a break.

Wonderful work
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Well done! AJ looks clean against the painty(?) background. Great work :)
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To me she seems frustrated and disappointed. Not so much angry.
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That's what I meant
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This is great! I love how painterly the environment looks. This is such a gorgeous, calming scene. Applejack seems to think so too. :iconapplejackproudplz: Well done!
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This is really good. It reminds me of something else but I can't think what.
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Cool art. I love it. Sleep sweetheart.
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