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No Words

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Well there are clearly words, so I guess I'm a liar.

Mayor Mare
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This is based off that Samuel Johnson meme isn't it? :XD:
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We've all felt like this sometimes.
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The last panel priceless HAHA.
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But that third panel tho
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That look of disapoitment in the last panel is just perfect!
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Mayor Mare, reacting to Pinkie Pie's latest proposal
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"Who wrote this speech?"
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Mayor Mare is 100% my favorite character and this is one of the first times in a long time I have seen art of her that I didnt commission myself, sooooooo THANK YOU. xoxooxxo
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Christopher Walken "i don't know"
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"...where do I even begin?"
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Thaat hait style..... she's related to Pinkie...
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Just like the meme. Lovin it
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You done goofed, mayor. You messed with the wrong pony. :D
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"Well, for somepony who's supposed to be well educated, she certainly has a potty mouth."

Wonderful work. Poor Mayor Mare.
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I'm using this for my wallpaper.  First panel is the lock screen, second is the home screen.

This is absolutely legendary.
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This is so high quality you can actually read the writings! Don't threaten Twilight.
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Abdicate mayor. There is nothing left for you to do but abdicate. » youtu.be/HcTTVbJgnn0?t=306
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*Cannot believe what you are proposing*

Clap Nice work!
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