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An older Spike, this character:
Ceden by DimFann,
and an old knight.

Full-Length Soundless Recording (For any of you nutty masochists out there):…

I'll get back to color soon enough.
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DimFann, I saw your title and the fact that this picture contained four characters and, well.... What happened next was fate.
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This is amazing.
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I'm very very impressed with your works! Would you care to share the brushes that you use?
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All of the custom patterns I use are in the left bottom widget on my profile (they should be there at least). I used the bristle looking one for this primarily.
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Oh wow, if someone wrote a fimfiction of this image I'd read it.
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It's stuff like this that makes me love your work DimFann.
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Very cool! The lighting effects are really well done.
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Well, this is huge. :D
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With lighting like this, who needs color?!

Statue turning out to be semi-sentient, violent guardian of something or other in 3, 2...
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Fantastic, it has a very epic feel to it
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