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Are You On Your Way To Thebes?

By DimeSpin
Art trade with my friend InuRyoko - I drew her sphinx character because I saw it in her sketchbook and I was like eeeeee.

Painted with The GIMP
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now this.. is a stunning piece, again, great job, this is amazing work.
madman12000's avatar
I think I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque...
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Nighzmarquls's avatar
the light is everything in painting... and you gave us everything in this piece :)
Inkserval's avatar
I find her beautiful... but she would eat me up wouldn't she?

Amazing, as always.
spligity's avatar
this is really epic :D
Phraggle's avatar
How long did it take to color this? I ask because I too have Gimp but haven't really dabbled with it. :-)
DimeSpin's avatar
Well I do things backwards compared to other artists so my color stage is a bit different. Most do color then shadows, or color and shadows at the same time, I do the shadows and then the color, then I paint on top. So from initial color to finishing was about 4 hours, but when I started the color I'd already done a couple hours of fiddling with the values.
Phraggle's avatar
That's kind of how I do it actually, I usually am using markers though. :-)
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Yaaaay! :D She is so pretty and mysterious! I love it! :heart: She is so awesome! I love the ambient lighting and the particles floating about in the air!
Hfoursaur's avatar
Dreads on a sphinx = best thing ever.

This is lovely! I really like the pose and composition.
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Dearshul's avatar
Such an unsettling stare. It's lovely! :D
Koskish's avatar
Another piece where you blow me away. Such fantastic lighting and depth and values and ajshadkjhskajhd. :heart:
DreamTheorem's avatar
Lovely design and lighting <3
HareTrinity's avatar
Ooh, love that hair. :)
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