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Luigi Hutton, born Oct. 3rd, 1913, is an NES politician who served as the 37th President, he also served as the 36th Vice President. He is the only President to resign from the office, and was sworn in March 1st, 1969.

--Early Life--
Luigi's father, Marco, was originally a race-car test driver yet due to skyrocketing mortgage on his house, he and his wife Rachel, a strict Methodist, moved to Evershade. Luigi's childhood was largely uneventful; he followed in the family business of being a Plumber until College and never truly got over his fear of ghosts.

Attending Gadd College, a notorious Ivy League school, he was snubbed by the many fraternities for not coming from a posh family and many students later remarked that he was "almost never happy, even when he was enthusiastic". He decided to take up woodshop and acting, and even participated in the school play Jazzafraz where he met his future wife Daisy. Daisy was the daughter of an oil magnate, she was outspoken and rough n' tumble - it took Luigi three whole months before she finally agreed to go out with him. Nonetheless the pair were soon married.

--Vice Presidency--
During his Vice Presidency, Luigi presided over two main experiences. One was his trip through the Underground, where he was attacked by violent protestors for his role in breaking the filibuster on the Goomba Act - this act required immigrants, even ones fleeing from dangerous regimes, to provide proof that they do not hold Communist sympathies. The other was his success in the Dreamy Accord - a bill, vetoed through by the President, to enforce the desegregation of schools.

However, even these accomplishments were not enough for him to win his first presidential campaign, narrowly losing to his opponent. One analyst wrote a passage of his sour defeat, and the main factor which contributed to it: the debates.. “In contrast to his usual handsome looks, the lean and fit man now appeared a shell; hollow tall cheekbones  trailed a marker to the deathly one-hundred-yard stare, and his slicked oily hair wrapped his face in such a way that he appeared an sweaty and disheveled under the dark-green suit. He appeared as if a reaper.”

Luigi himself blamed his loss on the media's less than favorable coverage of him. Afterwards, he was encouraged to try a lower political office - however Luigi rejected this notion, and many thought this loss to be the end of his career.

--Political Revival--
In a period of flared tensions and uncertainty, Luigi skyrocketed into another presidential campaign. He made himself appear to be tough and called for extreme measures to restore law and order to the country.

He ran on a platform that the police officers should use violence to shut down protests against the country - including stop-and-frisk and tear gas. He also was against the opium-using, wildly breeding youth who he saw as a threat to NES values, calling for the media to censor them and for there to be a "one-strike" rule of life in prison against drug use.

However, what really made him popular was telling people that he had a 'secret plan' to end the Vietnam War. In actuality, he had his campaign sabotage the peace talks, nonetheless he was elected.

Luigi Hutton's presidency can be summed up in four major breakthroughs: one foreign, two domestic, and the other a scandal which would engulf the Presidency and nearly destroy the integrity of government in the eyes of the NES people. The first and largest accomplishment of the Hutton administration was the end of the NES' presence in the warring region. Long having suspected for the leader of Koridai to be harboring the Vietcong, as well as giving false intelligence to the NES, Luigi secretly firebombs the country's lush forest and major cities, while sending in a small squadron to assassinate the leader.

He is successful in this and during the next three months, he slowly brings our soldiers home. However, the media bashes him for hypocrisy since he technically escalated the conflict - and due to a power vacuum, Koridai's soldiers are unable to help defend South Vietnam; it falls.

At home, President Hutton signs Executive Order XIH, in which he declares a War on Opium. This allows the government to arrest and charge you with life in prison for Opium use. He also signs the Boo Act, cutting the price of medical treatments, checkups, surgeries, and insurance by half for anyone with a disability or terminal illness.

In a bid for re-election, it was revealed to the public that members of the Hutton Administration had committed arson at Truffle Towers, the estate of Luigi's main opponent. One of the criminals cracked and told Congress that they were coerced into the act by someone at the highest ladder of office, he claimed that the man had ordered them to 'get rid of' the documents somewhere inside the building. The documents survived and were leaked to the press, which revealed Luigi's alleged attempt at sabotaging the peace in Vietnam during his campaign, and thus his credibility was shot. After Congress introduced Articles of Impeachment, Luigi Hutton resigned the office of the Presidency.

--Misc. Facts--
In a book, Negative Zone: The Hutton Effect, former aide Birdo reveals that “whenever he had to shake the hands of an opponent or journalist, he would rub his hands furiously down the side of his pantleg out of sight so that when he grasped them they would experience an uncomfortable and powerful shock.” This technique, which Birdo nicknamed the ‘Thunderhand’ was presumably a power-play move.  

Luigi actually hated the color green, in fact he only wore it because he did not have enough money for any other suit and his staff convinced him it may appeal to the environmental voters. However, after his debates he was permanently stuck with it thanks to the media seeing it as his 'thing'.
Presidency of Luigi Hutton
IMPORTANT NOTE: This is one of the written blurbs of a project I am working on, the goal is to turn some, if not most of, the Smash Bros. characters into interesting Presidents (a la political drama style). Any similarities between actual people or events are purely there because I found them to be interesting or unique plot points - in NO way do any of these blurbs espouse my views of the people which inspired them or the events/problems of the time in which said people were in office, nor do they reflect any of my opinions on issues of any nature. This a purely for fun exercise, and these blurbs may be used later on for a larger work. Thank you.
P.S. If anyone would like to draw artwork of any of these Presidents I come up with, you are more than welcome to. All I ask is that you tell me beforehand (preferably in a note). Thank you.


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