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June 2008, Mecsekpölöske, Hungary.

This shot means a lot to me. It took me lots and lots of tries untill I got the result I've wanted. I even got a sunburn on my neck and right arm just for standing in the midday sun so long...
Yes, that ghost on the photo is me, it was done with a self timer and standing still for ca. 10 seconds, then running out from the frame. NO Photoshop was involved - except for removing the hotspot, the hot pixels and adding some additional contrast; all the toning work was done in RAW.

Take it for what it is: ars poetica.

Nikon D80 - 18-70 @ 18mm - 30 sec - iso 100 - Cokin P007 infrared filter - NEF - Capture NX 1.2 - PS/CS2.

Print available! :buymyprints:

Featured in my CALENDAR - 04, 05, 06 and 14:

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Wow, this is an amazing and stunning portrait. Would you be kind enough to tell me what you did to get the water like this?
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30 sec. exposure. :)
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i shall say this is one of the stunning shots I've ever admired..
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Can you explain the meaning this picture has, for non-poetic people like me? :)
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The photo is a self portrait in a surral, ethereal surrounding. A place where I'd like to be rather than reality. It expresses my desire to live in a more ideal world than I live in now. ;)
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Unbelieveable! Such a fun consept ;)
mrufk4's avatar
I wish i were there...
Vashta-Nerada42's avatar
Wow this is like a child's imaginary fantasy world... i love it
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I'm honestly speechless about this. it looks so wonderful! and knowing that the artist (you ^__^) put so much effort into it and worked so hard to get it just right makes it all the better.
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is this called infrared photography?
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i was just wondering if thats what it was
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Le a kalappal!!!!
Ez valami csoda! :D
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Köszönöm! :bow:
Megtisztelő ez egy régi infra-motorostól. ;)
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Its just AMAZING !!! :clap:
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Hey, this Cokin P007 filter, is it "P" size? I have Z-Pro holder Cokin system, do you think I could get one of these filters for Z-Pro?

DimensionSeven's avatar
Yes. [link]

(however, I suspect that for the price of that, you could get a 77mm Hoya R72 too, but that is just guessing.)
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