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A New Exciting World

You wonder through the building. the building was abandoned some years ago. It is now a jungle; full of growing green plants and various insects. something made you feel curious. You entered the jungle. going through the bushes and hideous doors. you found a laboratory. you open the door and found a big blue portal. all around the room was a mess. you went to a dusty desk. some sheet of papers were lying on the grounds and on the desk. you pick up one of the papers and started to read it..

You don't understand some words since it is blurry. you check some of the papers. All of them are blurry and hard to read. leaving the papers behind, you went near to the portal mentioned on the paper. you pushed the 'On' button. Your sight became white, you can't see a thing.

Welcome to Dimensional City
"Where Genso Academy Students live in with mystical world with supernatural powers."

I woke up. Ah, what just happened? I thought I was in a room with a super huge portal and some sheet of papers with some blood stains on it. Who are these people? why there are so many of them? where are they from? I tried to stand but a some of them are making signs for me not to stand up. I can't hear really clearly.

I passed out. again.

I open my eyes. I can see the ceiling; and also the light that makes my sight goes white; godamnit. where am I? what is going on actually? I tried to sit. but i feel a force that forcing me to stay lying on the bed instead. I can hear a voice saying " you should rest, Yuki, call the doctor" I believe its a girl's voice. She sounds..really strict. I can hear footsteps going out from my ward. Yeah. I believe i am being hospitalized after she said the word 'doctor'.

She doesn't say a word. After the doctor checked on me, she left.

I wonder who is she? where am I? What in the world just happened?


What you just read just now was a prologue of this story. It is about BBBOCA's Alternate world with Ni-Fureba, Corruption of Fantasy Chain (CoFc) etc. All your unused OCs are welcomed to be one of the students or the citizens of Dimensional City! Want to join? as long as you are being active and fill up the application form (COMING SOON), you're welcome to join our family!


"Sorry for your inconvenience. "


:new: Hiring DMs!

This group was related to Boboiboy-OC-Academy, Ni-Fureba and Corruption of Fatasy Chain. (these are the main groups which are related to this city).

Note : This is a PRIVATE GROUP. If you want to become one of the Dimensional civilians, you need to fill up the app form as I mentioned above.


Rules (will be added later)| F.A.Q
| Reference (will be added later)| Character Creation (will be added later)| The Main Elements (will be added later) | Chatroom (will be added later) | Districts

Group Info

Dimensional City; Is an Alternate world discovered by Professor ???? with her research teams, people and students of Dimensional City.
Some years later, a girl discovered the project and end up at Dimensional City with question marks. People believed that she is the ONLY girl who can solve a mystery that lies behind the project, Dimensional City and The Councils of Eight.
Founded 6 Years ago
Aug 17, 2013


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They're people who visited from another part of Alternate world.
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Now Loading.....

Council of Eight. They're also in charge of Dimensional Master Team, protecting the city and the portals to other dimensions.

However, there are rumors about the other Council of Eight and some untold histories behind them.

(though it is alternate world, they're still the same pupils of BBBOCA; I should just probably call them doppleganger.)

From left to right.

Head of The Council of Eight. She was really strict and a great leader respected of all. She may look calm and kind, but she's otherwise. Her background story was unknown, it is only revealed that she got another doppleganger in real world. Sometimes she would punish one of the council eight for not obeying her. She got the most pride amongst the Council Eight. She eventually likes to stand higher than people; standing on a really high stage or something like that.

The Student Council
He is rude , greedy & selfish due to his "dictator" status in his mind. Any act of defiance against him will result a heart to be punctured & no mercy will be given. Everyone thinks of him as a psycho maniac who is hallucinating of his own superiority. Being a council of eight means something. Is it a sick plan of overthrowing the head of the council? Nevertheless, his origin is unknown to others and he likes to keep it that way.

Yuki was very straightforward; blunt. She sometimes being flirty around people and basically not a tsun, she always talks and helps people around her. She's a bit feminine than her other self (it is really obvious). It's very hard to make her annoyed/mad since she's very forgiving. She likes autumn and the color orange. Dislikes hot weather and summer. Her background story is remain unknown. It was only said engaged to a relative of her family.

My name is Mila. Mila Bt Abdul Shukor. I never met my father but I know he put a whole lot of sacrifices for mama. I have 3 siblings excluding me,mama passed away when I was 9. So grandmama took good care of us. She was very nice, but yet I felt sad too. Mama rarely has time to visit grandmama:-whom is always alone. And then there's Malik, my eldest brother. He isn't home yet,still studying in America. Lina,my strict sister. She never allows me to go outside until I grew up turning to 13. and finally Zamri my brother,a year older than me. He is very kind but can be a jerk sometime. And one day he left us. Not even let us know where he went. I missed him. In highschool, I tend to avoid conversation. My timidity is so stupid it never allows me to talk. Idiot. But then I get to play along with these bonding systems as I always do. In the end,my personality always switch a lot. Due to my emotion disorders.

Rokuo is the boy who was a once a happy boy in the family with a flash he became split personality user. By the morning, he is happy boy and outgoing. He had many friends on his sides. On the other hand by the sun drop to dawn.. slowly set to night, he became the sadistic to his love ones. He actually join in secret mafia before, killing and torture to the victim in his list. Rokuo was known as the The Bad Luck. In through out his behaivor no one knows how he got this problem.. only himself know why. The secret hiden to cure him..

She acts cold to people she didn't really know unless they were someone important. But she's really nice and a cheerful person when it comes to her friends and the students. If something bad were about to happen such as monster attacking the city, she will do anything to turn all sad and scared faces into happy faces. Don't make her angry, who knows what happen if you make her angry. And also, her background story is a little bit different from her doppleganger in the real world. It remains a secret that only her and her brother knows.

She's really stubborn and naive sometimes.But she's
actually lovable and caring.She may look so quiet and cold actually she's a nice girl.
She likes to help people who's in danger even her friends.Also, If you make her angry you might get the
punishment from her.Her background story is kinda different from her doppelganger
in the real world.She still keep her secrets from her friends...

NA; Need to be filled.

(why her sprite went out of the box?)







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