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Changing the way you think.
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Scared Beast Calden Compelte by Dimension-Chronicles Scared Beast Calden Compelte :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 0 0 Annamita Print by Dimension-Chronicles Annamita Print :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 0 0 Scared Beast: Calden by Dimension-Chronicles Scared Beast: Calden :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 2 0 Annamita PrintWIP by Dimension-Chronicles Annamita PrintWIP :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 2 0 Lycus Inktober by Dimension-Chronicles Lycus Inktober :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 0 0 Annamita Inktober by Dimension-Chronicles Annamita Inktober :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 1 0
Remeber our lives?
It was in the dead of night when Illia approached mausoleum that was seemed to be off on it’s own. She reached her hand towards the gate… she hesitated taking a deep breath she pushed it opened. The gate made a large creaking sound, freezing she looked around her fox like ears going up and her four tails wrapping around her. No one was there, she stepped through and closed the gate leaning against it a sigh of relief coming from her. Why was she so scared? She had every right to be there… she would after all be buried at this very place when the time came.
Sirius wasn’t around… she wondered where that gryphon had run off to, he was known for protecting this place. The sky was getting covered in storm clouds it was possible the gryphon went to find somewhere to take cover. Why not in the building? Surely if he was in there he would have come out to greet her. It didn’t matter she preferred to be alone right now.
Gathering her courage she took one fina
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Concept Art: Sicane by Dimension-Chronicles Concept Art: Sicane :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 2 0
Lore: Birth of Darkness
Dimension Chronicles: God Lore
Birth of Darkness
   Darkness looming around in a space filled with nothing small light specks can be found dancing in around the only being that reside in this land. They don’t last long as the darkness quickly dissolves them almost as if it was trying to keep them away just so it could keep the living things in darkness. One of the being was still young he appeared to be around twelve years of age but he hadn’t been around quite that long he just knew that he appeared sometimes ago looking how he did. Short dark brown hair and his eyes were blue. There was another male that was related to the boy he was much older reaching what they would consider an adult age he looked similar to the young boy and even called each other brothers. The last was a female just under the age of the oldest boy and they had even formed a relationship over their years together. Her eyes were gold while her hair was long and light blue in color, she was al
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Dark Wars: Chapter Five
Chapter Five
   Zyre was keeping watch, it was late out. The cold wind was piercing through her skin causing her hair to stand on ends. She was seconding guessing herself, what could she do? The Prince nor his Knight was listening to anything she had to say, if they went to Unica they would surely get them dragging into the war. She would just have to bit her tongue and do as they said. She was suppose to be helping and getting gaining their trust not giving them more reason to distance her. Prince Kaden though wanted to trust her to include her but Cyton he was going to be a hard one to crack.
   Snap! Zyre heard something off in the distance she drew her blades closing her eyes she focused on her surroundings. She could sense someone near by, she quickly began to follow the breaks in the wind pattern. She didn’t want to light her lantern and risk getting spotted, no, the upper hand would be needed. Taking into the trees she was able to continue following the
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Concept Art Cerberus by Dimension-Chronicles Concept Art Cerberus :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 0 0
Dark Wars: Chapter Four
Chapter Four
Zyre looked towards the Prince and gave him a bright smile. She enjoyed being alone with him, the few times that it had happened. Cyton didn’t trust her that much she new but it she understood why. She just hoped that over time she would be able to gain his trust, she almost had Kaden’s. She could tell with the way he tried to hold conversations with her. Zyre wasn’t used to really have male companionship it was a nice change of pace.
Zyre: So how do you think was meant to be your bride to be?
Kaden: I wouldn’t know to tell the truth.
He focused on the ground again; it was true he wouldn’t know. His parents were just so secretive about all of it. He wished he could take back all the fuss he had caused over it all. All he wanted to do was be able to pick whom he wanted to be with but he wasn’t allowed to do so.
Zyre: Shame, I thought it would make for an interesting conversation.
Kaden: …
Zyre: What is a matter?
Kaden: Nothing,
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Dinah's Profile by Dimension-Chronicles Dinah's Profile :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 3 0 Dinah and Sano Chibis by Dimension-Chronicles Dinah and Sano Chibis :icondimension-chronicles:Dimension-Chronicles 0 0
Dark Wars Chapter Three
Chapter 3
           Cyton was leading the small pack through the woods; he kept looking back every so often Zyre bringing up the end. He was still unsure about all of this. He wanted, and he prayed that Kaden would change his mind about this girl. She was odd and kept to herself only saying things when she absolutely had too. That at the very least made Cyton happy but Kaden was trying to pry into the girl’s life, which she would freeze up.
Cyton: You two alright back there?
Kaden: We’re fine.
Zyre: Affirmative.
Cyton: So, Zyre, how do you know my informant?
Zyre: We met a few years back; I did some fieldwork for his group.
Cyton: What type of fieldwork?
Zyre: I’m not authorized to tell you.
Kaden: Ugh, Cyton leave her alone.
           Cyton growled a little as he pressed forward. Why couldn’t he get any information out of her? No matter what he asked she had a way around it, almost like she was prepa
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Dark Wars: Chapter Two
Chapter Two
           Two weeks had passed Cyton and Kaden had made their way away from the capital city of the Mishipeshian kingdom. They had to lay low as long as they could and the rumors had already passed that Prince Kaden was around and had the Sacred Blade with him. The Gryphia knights were looking for him and the reward was high for his head. Which was going to prove to be a problem for Cyton, he wouldn’t be able to protect him alone he was going to need help.
           Cyton sat quietly at a table in a tavern Kaden sitting on the other side his head face down on the table his arms under it. He was having a hard time adjusting he was used to a life of luxury and now he had to live his life as a commoner, as a wanted man. This wasn’t an ideal situation not for Kaden and certainly not for Cyton. Having to guard someone that was wanted and on top of that Kaden didn’t know anything about surviving witho
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I'm still active I promise. Been working hard on things lately but I took a break also if I want to be 100% honest. Have some comic pages coming trying to build the website.


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Lycoris & Taco
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United States
We're two different people one a writer and one and artist, we've been friends since childhood. Along the way we've worked on a couple of projects most of them together for the most part. Dimension Chronicles our oldest project is going on 10+ (2001) years. The pair split up in September 2014! New pair was form in October 2014.

Lycoris: Writer of the pairing. I've had a passion for reading since I was little and mostly had a head in book or my head in the clouds. I began writing when I was in third grade mostly back then in was in script format type form. It didn't take long before my writing expanded entering writing contests or fan fictions. Dimension Chronicles took off when I was in the 7th grade (11 at the time). While it started out innocent and fun back then it has grown into a more mature state. Doesn't make it any less fun though. I did take a break from writing once I hit college, but I ended up missing it. With Tsuki gone I started working on Dimension Chronicles: New Age. Which gave me a fresh start to the series and got me back into my writing. I am also the creature designer along with some armor designs.

Artist Alley! We submitted our portfolio so here's hoping we'll get a positive outcome on that. We won't be hearing thing until April which can't get here any faster!

Mire left back in February due to some personal reason but I soon had one of my closest friends step to the plate. She's been working on around her busy schedule to work with me and get things going. I went ahead and uploaded some of the things she's been working on. Not all but some.

Script is being revised and looked over as we speak and I'm so excited to see things forming together. Just be patient with us!
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