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Old Mercenary

By dimelife
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he is too old... :-P
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Too old, to begin the training.
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CloudytheowlHobbyist General Artist
Is it possible to get this in a higher resolution? But great picture btw.
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DaigonzoHobbyist Artist
He has a great look. Like someone who used to be a dashing swashbuckler forty years ago, who never dreamed he'd survive to old age. Now, old and lean and weathered, he probably wouldn't mind going on in a surge of glory... but he's so skilled and so tough, no one can beat him in a swordfight.
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Too old for this shit or..?
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IronmoorHobbyist General Artist
he looks very upset
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CriomorphStudent Traditional Artist
I'll be honest with you, the moment i saw this guy I thought "Witcher!" I like it, though, it's very good. A personal gripe, though? Maybe place the scabbard for the sword he's holding on the hip too? Other than that, fucking perfect!
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The sword in his hand has the scabbard across his back.
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IronBroFstHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm reminded of that one scene from RED (LINK)
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wow.. nice video. inspiration me
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You see old mercenaries, and you see honorable mercenaries. You don't see any old, honorable mercenaries.
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auttreStudent Artisan Crafter
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VATROUHobbyist Writer
You don't get to that age, in that profession. Unless your good. REAL good.
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Something about this image speaks to me. i LOVE the idea of this character.
there will always be the naive heroes just starting out on their epic quest for glory and loot... but then there's this guy, the veteran hero, the old, grizzled bastard of a warhorse who can't be fooled or toyed with, who knows every last bloody trick in the book... He should know. he didn't so much write the book as have someone else write it, not at sword point but at the willing of a very hard and stern look. This is a man who can swing his old yet polished and maintained sword, cut down ranks of foes and still swagger away on his knee that gets stiff when it rains.

I like what this image conveys. it needn't write a single word that isn't being advertized on that old man's disappointed scowl.
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knightorderHobbyist Digital Artist
Permission to add some constructive criticism? His head seems a touch small for his body. But I love his facial expression... this is a face that says "Sonny, I've forgotten more about fighting than you will ever know."
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Don't you mean learned?
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knightorderHobbyist Digital Artist
Nope. I mean forgotten. The implication being if he's *forgotten* more than his foe will ever know, just how much he still remember should scare the pants off of you.
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He meant Learnt instead of Know, I think.
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Yes, you're right. I will fix it. But for now ...
Criticism is always good. Thank you. :)
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koftteStudent General Artist
He looks badass!
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:D Thank you!
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koftteStudent General Artist
Most welcome!:D
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SinairahHobbyist Digital Artist
No, he's not :D
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