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Hi everyone!

Commissions are closed!

I offer:

Female Characters only!

-Original Characters
-Fan Art

Pricing (for NON-COMMERCIAL use) and Time frame: 

This is for personal commissions only! If you're interested in commercial work these prices and terms do not apply.

Bullet; Blue Traditional drawing portrait (A6/A5) / digital drawing$150 (2-5 days)

   Ink Knight Maiden by dimary  Image Of Maiden in fairy tales: Scheherazade by dimary  Spring by dimary  Blue bellflowers by dimary 

Bullet; Blue Bust / Portrait (line art and b&w), simple background: $200- $250 (10 days)

Commission: Portrait of Anna by dimary  Commission: Phyra by dimary  Moonlight by dimary  My Dominion by dimary 

Bullet; Blue Bust / Portrait (color), simple background: $300 (2 weeks)

Commission: Sirscha Ashwyn by dimary  Commission: Svetlana_portrait by dimary  Commission: Adelpha by dimary  Portrait of Lisa by dimary

Bullet; Blue Waist up / Full-length, simple background: $350 / $400 (2-3 weeks)

Commission: Svetlana by dimary  Character commission: Lobo by dimary  Character commission: Redmane by dimary  Character commission: Halloween Witch by dimary

  I need from you:

- Description of the character (name, age, Image references, pose, color, mood, eye color, hair description, body type, scars ,tattoo, etc.)
- Your email address for the illustration progress
  As I begin the artwork, I'll send you a sketch for your approval and then another line art with main colors layout for your approval.
  Once approved I will finish the art. After approval I'll ask for the rest of the payment.
  You'll get the high res JPEG or PNG image of your artwork.

  I request half payment up front.

-I reserve the right to decline any commission request.
-I reserve the full rights to the image and it's use unless otherwise agreed upon.
-I reserve the right to display commissioned pieces on my websites, blogs, galleries or social media.
-I reserve the right to adjust pricing on a requested piece accordingly.

If you're interested in commissioning me, please send your character description with references to

Thank you!

© 2015 - 2022 dimary
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Unfortunately commissions are closed till the next Summer.

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Are commissions opened now?

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Sorry, commissions are closed at the moment.

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Would commission if you did males qvq
wowsomeneedle's avatar
what are the prices for commercial use? I do not need an exclusive (like you can still sell prints, etc...)
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+30% additional to the prices described above
AllosaurusAshley's avatar
I'm super interested in your bust commissions, and I'll email you when I have made a decision. Beautiful art, by the way! 
dimary's avatar
Thank you very much :-)
DaliteDraws's avatar
oh I might. how long are you likely to leave this open for to allow me to decide as currently looking at a few artists for a specific commision?
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Commissions will be open till the end of summer :-)
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Do you do full characters or scenes (Like multiple characters interacting with a background).
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Unfortunately I don't. I have no time to work on such a complicated image.
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I might consider commissioning you sometime in the future. ;P
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You're welcome! :) (Smile) 
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