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Lost Interest to finalize these ::
Here they are ::

The Last VS for Vista from me :: Done ::

added few walls used in previews
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I don't get how to install them, i've been trying all morning... How come this is only a visual file and not a theme file?
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What app u use to play music (on the right bottom)?
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The one on the desktop is CD Art Display, the one in the taskbar is a winamp plugin Nullsoft tray control
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Thank u very much =)
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Hi dimage, awesome as always. I was wondering if you would be able to send me the browseui.dll for this visual style. It looks awesome!
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you know i think i lost those already sorry
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Player on taskbar is ... ? And what skin?
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Last and Best. I hope so You'll continue to develop visual styles for Windows 7 now.
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Could you share your skins/icons for ObjectDock :)?
What app did you use for the text icons at the very top?
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Just wondering, whats the little black button on the left edge? I'm just curious...
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app called runme
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What skin?
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Which are those white browseui ?
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Dimage, I'm gonna get Windows 7 just for your Visual Styles
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awesome skin man thks :D
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which mod is the belt on
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Awesome man.
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Can I port to 7?
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Please allow him to port, or port it yourself. I love this theme.
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I think I wont get permission, I asked, no response :( .
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i don't understand why some persons refuse to answer while they have some time... :no:
He finally responsed.
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