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Seam..... Start Page

Seam.... Start Page

Search Bar from [link]
permission granted
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Where can I find the theme?  Does it work with windowblinds?  I love it and would love to use it.
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This would be pretty easy to convert into a cool Rainmeter skin.

But I'm to lazy :p
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Sup #dimage. Your startpage made me want to start implicating a startpage shot within my desktop layouts. Although, I have a newbie questions for you.

Is it possible for me to edit the links?

By the way, this is beautiful. Suits my taste.
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how to install
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put in folder run html
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Очень красиво! Вы не против если я возьму эту идею для своей работы?
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Sorry :)
Very nice! Do you mind if I take this idea to your work?
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Very nice, like it!!!:)
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Perfect!!! love it :)
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Great job!
Using right now :)
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how do you customize the links? i tried editing the html file but i don't see it. Love the design though
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hey I tested this in ie9 and this is what happens
How can I fix this

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no clue at this time
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i figured it out
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wow...this is hot :)...luv ur work bro ;p
where is the background pattern from?
looks nice btw;)
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Does this work in firefox only??
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hmmm i tested IE and chrome all it is is html
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