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Glass mod of SW Theme
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Please, make available this theme for Windows 7...

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Great! I love it, only if it was transparent on maximized.
but otherwise great work!
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how can I use it?

i mean, th windows isn't allowing it
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This is good, I'm thinking about using it.

What's the media player control app that you have in your task bar?
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hey man question

is it posisble to use your window style and everything. but only change being to use the normal vista aero black taskbar?? is there a way i could do this change myself if needbe
There is some problem with the start button for not being in the right place, half of it is over the taskbar but doesn't bother me. It looks quite cool this way too.

Very nice, I like this one more than the newer one. Those (mini,max,close) buttons in new version are nicer though. Wonder if you can make a version using those new (same styled "Start" also) buttons ?

Well just some though, thnx you very much :)
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unlock the taskbar and then readjust it it should falll in place.
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looks great...
but can any1 please tell me how do i use this theme on vista home premium...please
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Looks really good...too bad i'm on xp
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Hi, making one of my own VS to contribute to the cause. How do you get rid of the top of the start button orb to make a completely flat taskbar?
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Love the titlebar, man. Nice and sleek. :)

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Good job, it's clean & nice :)
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Hey man, still using this, have been since i got Vista, best style out, in my opinion.
Planning any more mods or new VS's soon?
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Thanks, as time permits have been thinking of some new ideas for new VS
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Excellent, i'll keep watching ^_^
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hey dimage.. i would like you to drop by and look at my screenshot.. i used your visual style and i increased the opacity on the taskbar.. hope you decide to produce a visual style like this :D take care
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for sure, one of the greatest VS for Vista. now is my fav
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these dock icons are great... Where did you get those dock icons?
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looks cool :)

Where did you get those dock icons?

Nice theme... The start menu needs a bit of working though...

Just a reminder, and hope you didn't stop working on it, you did during the summer a theme called "i_Tunes" which looks very great... Are you planning on re-up a new version?

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