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Q :: Dark

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VS :: Aero only
Dock :: [link]
CAD :: [link]
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hey why cant the background isn´t black

you know on each carpet and stuff :S
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I had been excited to download this theme, until I saw the scrollbar. I guess it's nothing to get upset about, but I want everything to look nice, and that was the only thing that didn't. Otherwise, nice theme.
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How to install it on Vista ? I've already patched msstyle with VistaGlazz, I double click on Q-Black.msstyle but in the new window there is ancient version of Vista's theme... Can you help me ?
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Where can I get just the wallpaper separately?
Hey can anyone say where I should put the files? Can't find any readme.txt
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Can you tell me which item was altered to change the color of the background in a folder? Behind the icons.
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Part of shellstyle.dll ::
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So I just guess at it until I mess something up?
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does this work w/ windows 7? :)
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very cool dude :)
how do i get the visual style of explorer?
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WHY AERO!?? :(
aero is killing me..
Fuck. Yes. I've been looking for a dark theme, have tried many, but I've never been really satisfied. This looks to be EXACTLY what I've been looking for. Excellent theme.
having some problems the visual style applies but doesnt look like yours
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send me a screenie maybee i can help
nvr mind i got it to work thnx anyways
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ok, the style is awesome but the start menu definitely needs more work.
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I love your themes mate!
But why, why the 'search' box with roundy edges?
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Great theme :) but you always leave navigation pan (favorite links) uncolored and it looks really ugly.I like all your stiles but i don't use them cuz that thing really bugs me...can you do something with that in future realises?
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Thanks, and yes woking on that
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Can I use wiht XP too??
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