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What I like. Nice and simple. Thanks bro! ;)
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thats nice and clean, u should make ur windows 7 one just like this ;)
Great VS thank you :+fav: :D
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Overall i love it. I've been trying on alot of skins and this is definately one of my favorates, cant get used to the tiny taskbar though, only thing i've noticed bad so far is the scrollbars/searchbars are a bit jaggy. It looks like you put a circle at the top and bottom and a bar between them, but theyre just below halfway so you can see too much :S
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very very nice
but can you show how to show the toolbar always?
it's make some bug here :D
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your other vs´s didn´t have the user picture in the start menu. this one does. is it supposed to? i prefer not haveing the user pic...great vs anyway, congrats!
Hey great skin! I'm using it right now it's amazing. I got 2 questions, what are the dock icons that your using in the pic, and how did you get those tray controls. Thanks!
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Dock Icons ::

Tray Control done via "Nullsoft Tray Control" under general plugins.
here are few skins for it
how can i install it i did not understood
plz evry body help me
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I'm seriously impressed! Do you have any install instructions?
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Indeed, as multiple users have commented, how do you install it? I already performed the uxtheme.dll patch, but there's no .theme file to install this theme. It looks great, and I'd really like to use it. Think you could fill me in?
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nice work, congrats!
how do you hide the toolbar of the folders?
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part of the VS
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I dont get it? I cant find the .theme file? If I use this i am planning on using the theme dll patch.
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Nice work. Where can i get that wallpaper?
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i removed aero theme with vlite, so i cant use it :/
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Stuff and this, well done my friend ;) As always...
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Thanks mate Appreciated
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