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joker clap Joaquin Phoenix is ​​a great joker, what do you think?
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Me with your talent:

In all seriousness, this drawing looks absolutely AMAZING!!!

The drawing gives off such a disturbing, almost unkempt vibe from it.

With makeup that looks like its staining his real skin, and hair that looks like it hasn't been washed in days, I think it perfectly gives off the feeling of disarray Arthur has to him.

I think my favorite part of the drawing might be that you can't see his eyes.

The eyes are called the window to the soul, to show your personality, but now they are empty and dark, just like Arthur is.

IDK if that was done purposefully, but its really awesome.

I like the realistic feel the whole drawing has to it, while still being very slightly styalized, it looks absolutely perfect.

I also really like the lighting, mostly dark but with just the barest glimmer of light to it.

Just perfect.

The whole drawing is just perfect.

I love the hair, and the clothes, and the face, and the pose, and the lighting, its all perfect! :)

You did an absolutely great job!

Also The Joker is my favorite movie of all time period.

And I think Joaquin Phoneix did an AMAZING job, portraying this mentally ill man.

One of my favorite parts of the joker is that, its not just a movie about The Joker, and his cruel crimes, and his insane personality.

Its a movie about Arthur Fleck.

A broken man, who slowly, as he loses more and more and more, goes crazy, and becomes the Joker.

Sorry for putting this here, I hope you don't mind but, I love how the movie subtlety portrays how Arthur loses everything over the course of the movie, until he breaks.

First he has his job, his mom, The Murray Franklin Show, his hopes of being a comedian, his medication, and eventually he has Sophie.

Apologies if I get the timeline wrong, btw, its been a bit since I've watched this master piece of a movie.

But then he loses his job, thus sending him down a darker path, though it might have gotten better.

Then he loses his medication, and that's where things really go down the rails, as going off psychotics make the symptoms worse then they have ever been. In fact I believe doctors irl have stated its better for someone with schizophrenia/psychosis to not take the medicine at all, then take it and go off it. Thats how much worse it makes it.

Then after his mental state was already broken, in one fell swoop he loses both The Murray Franklin show--and thus his imagined father figure--as well as his hopes of being a comedian.

Then he loses his mom, in the worse betrayal possible.

And then finally Arthur loses Sophie. The one thing he had left, which turned out to be, like everything else, imagined. A coping mechanism his broken mind made him think was real.

And then...


Sorry for the mini tangent, I just think this is such an awesome movie, and as someone who is very fascinated with psychology myself, and the tragic disorder of psychosis in general, I think its utterly amazing how accurate they made it to the disorder.

But basically, The Joker is an amazing movie, and this is an absolutely AMAZING drawing!!!!

Have a great day! :D