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BB: Witch Gone Missing (Pt. 1)
It had been another slow day so far, but honestly, that was to be expected. Most of my clients come to me in the late afternoon or evening. There were less cases of jealous spouses than human fiction would have you make believe, but that's humans for you, I guess. But clearly, there is still enough drama left so that I can make a living thanks to it. I'm a private investigator.
Usually, I don't talk about my cases or clients but this one... this one was special. I knew it right from the start when my client entered the room. I knew her. I wouldn't say we were friends, more like regular business partners. She worked in a shop that sold all kinds of spooky stuff and I don't mean Halloween decoration. That place was the first where I saw this many skeletons of critters and well... other things you can harvest from them, and more items that were similarly eccentric.  It's not exactly my cup of tea, but if there's a market for that, sooner or later someone will provide. I lived near th
:icondiluculi:Diluculi 1 0
KTA: Sphinx - Riddle To Adopt [OPEN] by Diluculi KTA: Sphinx - Riddle To Adopt [OPEN] :icondiluculi:Diluculi 15 1 BB: Bamharr MYO Semiramis by Diluculi
Mature content
BB: Bamharr MYO Semiramis :icondiluculi:Diluculi 10 8
CS AU: Society Scorpius by Diluculi CS AU: Society Scorpius :icondiluculi:Diluculi 8 6 KTA: Sacred Talisman - Magatama [CLOSED] by Diluculi KTA: Sacred Talisman - Magatama [CLOSED] :icondiluculi:Diluculi 11 20
CA - SQ 13: To Catch A Joker
"Nooooooo!", Sanjica yelled and almost knocked over the bowl of popcorn next to her. It was only thanks to Ruby's reflexes that the spilling was prevented and the brunette young woman placed it in her lap for better save-keeping.
"Don't listen to him, Lissy", Sanjica whined.
Ruby chuckled softly, but only the countless plushies and pillows around her noticed. Her friend Sanjica certainly didn't and her two Piliks' attention was focused on other things. Felek, the bigger one of them coloured purple and yellow, was concerned about the blonde girl's well-being. Dosia, the white and blue one, just seemed to be annoyed someone woke her from her slumber and retreated further into her pillow cave on the bed.
On the TV screen in front of the small group, Lizzy's dark brown eyes began to tear up.
"Is it true?", she sobbed like only actresses in drama series could sob.
"He's lying!", Sanjica shouted and turned to Ruby.
"Why on earth would she believe him after what happened between Caroline and
:icondiluculi:Diluculi 2 0
KTA: Moonstone OTA [CLOSED] by Diluculi KTA: Moonstone OTA [CLOSED] :icondiluculi:Diluculi 28 26
CA: Lovely Confusion
Sanjica was a hopelessly romantic person, so it was no surprise she loved romcoms and romantic drama series. It was only natural that she and her friend and fellow senshi Kyung-Mi and Ruby ended up having regular movie nights in her room at the crystal caverns. Sometimes they were accompanied by other girls, but much to Sanjica's dismay, she had to discover that Elanor didn't care much for any movie or series that didn't feature Captain America or Bucky. Or rather, the movies that had these characters in them didn't focus enough on the romantic comedy aspect to be a good addition to romcom nights.
But even the most popular series of romantic movies could not solve the emotional confusion Sanjica was in right now. She found herself drawn towards Lea and yet, she tried keep a safe distance to avoid making a fool out of herself. It was worse than any situation Lissy Louvette, the heroine of her favourite teenage romcom series, had been in. She questioned every word she was saying, somethi
:icondiluculi:Diluculi 2 3
KTA: Angel Aura Quartz by Diluculi KTA: Angel Aura Quartz :icondiluculi:Diluculi 11 3 KTA MYOs: Bella and Donna Atropa by Diluculi KTA MYOs: Bella and Donna Atropa :icondiluculi:Diluculi 9 7 KTA: Tiger's Eye [CLOSED] by Diluculi KTA: Tiger's Eye [CLOSED] :icondiluculi:Diluculi 13 18 MD: MYO Lilin by Diluculi
Mature content
MD: MYO Lilin :icondiluculi:Diluculi 6 7
BB: Candessa and Freya by Diluculi
Mature content
BB: Candessa and Freya :icondiluculi:Diluculi 18 5
BB: You look good in leather by Diluculi
Mature content
BB: You look good in leather :icondiluculi:Diluculi 11 4
DD: Nisaba and Glyph by Diluculi DD: Nisaba and Glyph :icondiluculi:Diluculi 5 8 CA/CS SSX:  Sailor Vela by Diluculi CA/CS SSX: Sailor Vela :icondiluculi:Diluculi 5 7


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

:wave: Hello you! :wave:
Welcome to the home of a notorious OC hoarder.
Like so many others, I seek to improve my art, both drawing and writing. I never attended professional classes for either one, instead I relay on consuming, tutorials, and practise. Lots and lots of practise and ventures beyond comfort zones.
I love to collect characters, either adopting inspiring designs or creating them myself. Also, I pretend I do this in order to keep developing characters and stories and to tackle different designs.

icon made by MrsLovet
Heron chibi by wandering-kotka
Teal Lotus by Lucithea





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Antares-the-Tall Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2019
Just in case it doesn't show up in your notifications...
headshot exchange 2 - Feru by Antares-the-Tall
Have a wonderful day!
Diluculi Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank youuuuuuu!!
Miki-Sakura Featured By Owner May 25, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
[T] Of the Night by Miki-Sakura   Sppokky bamharr trans by Miki-Sakura  
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[T] Peace and Quiet of the Night by Miki-Sakura   Onthetwon Trans by Miki-Sakura
Miki-Sakura Featured By Owner May 18, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Bamharr Flower by Miki-Sakura  
Diluculi Featured By Owner May 19, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
She is super stunning :love:
Miki-Sakura Featured By Owner May 21, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad you like it!
Diluculi Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2019  Hobbyist General Artist
I really appreciate what you are trying to do and I do hope you will succeed!
Unfortunately, I cannot help you with this. Losing Jo hurt immensely and to be fair, I am still not sure if I accepted that she's gone or still try to deny it. Feelings are weird.
The long and short of this is though that I left this group to avoid feeling bad.
It was one of Jo's most dear projects and I never felt like I was contributing enough, even before she passed away. So I pretty much fled the group when I heard the news. I need to stay away to not hate myself, if that makes sense. Sadly, there is too much regret attached for me. Too much "if only I had...!", "I should have... instead!"
You get the idea.

SO I'm sorry, but I need to stay absent from this group, unfortunately. I don't know for how long, maybe it will stop hurting one day.
MaggotsX Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2019
Diluculi, I completely understand. I am also one who feels I did not do enough. And still hurt. From her loss and others I have lost. Please be well & I wish your hurting goes away soon. Thank you (for this, and the time you did devote to the group). Unfortunately I did not get to meet you then, but if interested I'd desire becoming friends now.

Btw, I noticed you are from Germany. I am near 42 years old now, but I lived in Germany when I was younger. I lived in Bremerhaven & traveled all over Germany & Europe. It was an interesting time w/ myself just old enough to appreciate things. I lived there for two years before the Berlin Wall came down, two years after. Exciting times.

I wrote a poem about some of it you may enjoy... XOXO Child Letters: A1

This is "A" because much of what is described established the bedrock of my worldview & outlook on others.

Pleased to meet you now. Wish you well.

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