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Short-faced theropod 0904.21

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Based on [link]

I tried a different color scheme than the usual plain white...
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Well, I like this one.

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And again, thank you!
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Just don't forget to say where you got this concept from ;) *

I like it, though the lines could have a bit more control to them: they stray too much on the snout.
I agree with ~EmperorDinobot that the dark patches should be more even though I'd advise against rubbing it. Just keep laying in the pencils. I've found that using a harder pencil where a softer one was used tends to give a good result even if it's only because one knows how much pressure one should use to fill in.
Oh, and I think I've finally pinpointed your influence. It's Luis V. Rey, isn't it. What's with the crest of spikes on the snout? Artist's trademark?

* Just so we're clear: I'm surprised and, well, flattered in a sense by this. So there's no problem whatsoever on it being in your gallery.
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I'm pretty sure I did...I'll make it a little more prominent. *

I see what you mean. I have that problem a lot.
I'll try that next time I do color...which should be soon.

Yes, it is (I think). The crest of spikes is something that I think Theropods usually have two of. Instead of a long crest I do the spikes (more interesting, in my opinion).

* Thanks! I figured you'd be fine with it (you seem like a nice person)
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I was reacting more to the comments on you eventually publishing a book of assorted dinosaur concepts. I do like being cited :)

Dunno, I'm used to seeing dinosaurs with smooth snouts for some time. I did find the use of spikes weird on your Ankylosaurus. Though perhaps that's my scientific side wanting to reconstruct little beside what the bones tell about.
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I you want me to include the short faced Theropod? I wasn't planning to, but it'll make a nice addition.

And yes, I'll cite it noticeably.

I see. I don't think Ankylosaurus had them, as :iconemperordinobot: pointed out to me. That was more of an anatomical goof than a purposeful addition...I think I was thinking of Pachycephalosaurs or something.
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Well, I don't mean to force myself onto your project. Far from it, as I was going by what was implied in the discussions above and I'm one to like getting things straight when my stuff is concerned even if it's on a "possibility" basis.
I hope you don't mind the hapless intrusion :P

I think even on Pachycephalo' those would be somewhat difficult.
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Oh no, I'd love to have it in my book! Even if it arose from a small misunderstanding!
And no, I don't mind at all.

Pachycephalosaurs have pretty prominent spikes. Look at this: [link]:Pachycephalosaurus_RoyalOntarioMuseum.png
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Be my guest :) Though you should make your own interpretation of it for copyright's sake. Just sayin'

True! I guess what confuses me is that it looks like the spikes are on the midline of the snout. You hypothesize, however, that there is a row on either side of it.
What I am getting at is that the interpretation should be more explicit and should tie in with the bones more. Which means for example, that the spikes should be slanting outwards somewhat, the row on the other side should when possible be seen, and their size corresponding with any osteoderms that exist on the skull.

I hope that the above isn't too overbearing of me :P
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That would probably be a good idea :D

I try to do that...but it sometimes just doesn't work. I'm going to work on getting spikes (if present) at the right angles and in the right spots from now on...

No, not at all!
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You should really rub your fingers against the darkened portions, and spread it out more.n
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I'm going to try that on my next one with patterning...
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I agree with :iconderkompsognatus:, you should get a job doing this type of thing :boogie:
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Only nine or ten more least. I've still got a while. But thanks to his suggestion I'm going to write a book...
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That honestly deserves to be an illustration of some kind of a book!
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I can see it now: Dinosaurs that never existed by Dilong paradoxus... :D

Except I would probably use my real name on there...don't like my personal info on the inermet.
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