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Nelly Furtado

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i think ur drawings amazing r u a fan of nelly furtado because u really r n amazing artist!lol!do u like her music? i do if only she saw :) do u know how to email nelly furtado? well chat 2 u later! lol!
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I was, about two years ago...
but it's expensive, and I don't get paid that much ay the job I'm at...
I'll see if I have a larger picture on file somewhere...
If not, I should have new pictures in a month or so,
when my hair grows out a little more and it's the way I want it to look...
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true, for us its also expensive to travel to the States.
but i'm more into latin-america (mexico, brazil, argentinia...) i wanna go there in 2 years for a while.
so, whats your job?

thats ok, will waiting for ure new pics...
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haha you actually have to see a person to photograph them.
I think that's the full size... I dunno. Why do you need it bigger?
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so, we have to see each other! =D
anyway, i would be glad to meet you! did you ever was in europe? ;)

I need it bigger, cause this its kinda diffuse to draw on A3.

let me see, when i have the time to draw U, u sure have a better pic of you!
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Nice... Draw me? lol
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Thanks!... I will if i have the time to.
Actually there are 3-4 other projects i have to finish.
By the way, i'm on my way to work with new material and upgrade my skills! =)
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Awesome... That's what I'm doing, in a matter of speaking... bought a new camera, and going to take a photography class soon... maybe try to find some material to photograph besides myself...
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ps: it will be fine if U can send me the full-size of your "Sun Drenched"pic on my mail, if U want me to draw this! ;)
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Nice... Photograph me? lol
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