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It's been a long time.  In reviewing almost two years' worth of unread messages, I realized that I never posted a hiatus notice and, to the friends I worried, I'm really sorry.  I didn't think I'd be away so long and then it was hard to come back.

In March of 2011, my dad passed away rather suddenly and my life (and plans) completely derailed.  I was a mess and my family was struggling and I couldn't deal with anything outside our bubble.  I had to disappear for awhile and start putting myself back together privately.

Hard as it's been, I have learned a few things over the past year or so and each of those lessons boils down to one basic idea: Time is short, don't waste it.  That's common sense and we hear it all the time but it never seems to hit home until you lose a loved one or suffer some life-altering tragedy.  But I've got it now.  (Please, Life, don't send me reminders...).

So I've changed a lot, grown up a bit, and started re-assessing my plans and all the things I still want to do but haven't made time for.  So my main focus for 2013 is going to be centered on creating a full-time illustration career, building up my art blog, and finally releasing the webcomic I've been playing around with for ten(!) years.

As far as dolling goes, I'm still awestruck by so many pixelers but I've lost the drive to partipate and create dolls myself.  Really, I've lost the knack for it; I open MSPaint and don't have a clue where to begin.  It's just gone.

I still have several sets of WIP bases that I plan to finish and release later this year but I think it's pretty safe to say that my pixel-dolling days are now fond memories.  I will still be checking this account a couple times a month and trying to stay current with my favorite artists (wow, I have a lot to catch up on-- you guys have been busy!) but most of my new activity will be on my blog and my alternate DA account, Dalliann.  If you like fairies, folktales, and general fantasy, I invite you to check them out. ^_^

Thank you for your patience and understanding and for being such fun, inspiring people!  I'm so glad to be back on DA! *hugs*

What a surprise in my inbox today- a DD!  I've never received one before and I'm so excited!  Thank you Siate for recommending my pixelart and thank you mintyy for featuring it- you two totally rock! :love:

I so appreciate all the comments and faves received thus far and I'll try to reply to every message this week.  Thank you, everybody! :glomp:
Sorry for the massive spammage of your inboxes!  But everything's finally been moved over from Sabraelle's Garden (though a lot of it was diverted to the Scraps folder) so I shouldn't have any major pixel dumps for awhile. ~_^

I'm going to leave a redirect page up at the old site for about six months and I'd really appreciate if everyone could start using this account's link for base-crediting from now on (as opposed to the SG site).

I'm so excited to be catching up with more and more pixelers that I'd lost contact with over the last couple of years- I think this change of location is definitely going to be for the best!  I'm finally starting to feel inspired again...

Thanks everyone! :love:
This weekend, I'm trying to transfer the majority of the content at Sabraelle's Garden to its new home here.  Bases will be posted first and then the finished dolls.

Thank you so much to everyone who's added me to their Watchlists; I especially appreciate it since, for the last few weeks, there has been nothing TO watch in my gallery. ~_^

Also, I'd like to apologize in advance if the incoming glut of old junk clogs up your inbox; you may want to 'unwatch' me for the next few days... ^^'

So glad to see so many old friends and inspirations around this place!

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