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Lackadaisy Bases

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Published: July 25, 2010
© 2010 - 2019 dilli-dalli
When I created the original set of four bases in 2003, I termed them 'Lackadaisy' because each pose looked rather calm/lax. Very quickly I came to dislike these bases and decided not to post them when I switched over my gallery.

However, I've received several requests to include them over the last couple of months and knew that the only way I'd get around to it would be to update the poses. So here they are- the originals for those who prefer them and the new poses that I prefer. ;)

Bases originally posted at Sabraelle's Garden.
Bases © Destiny Lauritsen.

These images are not to be redistributed or edited in any way except the addition of skin-tone/faces/hair/clothes. Useage of this base must be properly credited with a working link to this account. Thank you.
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Wilson-WritingsHobbyist Writer
These are very cute!

I used several of them at once!

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DoundouHobbyist Digital Artist
very cute
Doundou's avatar
DoundouHobbyist Digital Artist
i'll use it :')
RiniMini's avatar
RiniMiniHobbyist Digital Artist
Adorable! ^^
PattyJean's avatar
PattyJeanHobbyist General Artist
These are very cute. I might give them a whirl!
MidnightComet15's avatar
MidnightComet15Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I might use
Misarina's avatar
MisarinaHobbyist Writer
These are awesome bases! I might use them someday. :D I'll also make sure to give credit if any of them are used~
Neorouge's avatar
NeorougeStudent Digital Artist
these are totally what i was searching for -A- Thanks so much, will definitely use and credit C:
weasel420's avatar
weasel420Hobbyist Digital Artist
These are very nice poses, my faves are the sitting one :heart:
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HeatheryAmethystHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm glad you still have them up! Love these bases, here is what I did with one [link]
Catsofanime123's avatar
Catsofanime123Hobbyist Writer
o mai when i saw the title i went "BASES FOR LACKADAISY?!?!?! NO WAY!" because i thought you meant the comic lackadaisy. They still look good though
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Haha! I've had several people complain that they look nothing like the Lackadaisy cats and that I should study Tracy's art a little more closely and redo the bases... LOL!

Sorry they're not the bases you were hoping for- but I do appreciate the kind comments! Thank you! :hug:
Catsofanime123's avatar
Catsofanime123Hobbyist Writer
No problem :) I'll be looking forward to more of your work :)
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why do you have such an odd restriction on the base? one would think you'd be more flexible by virtue of location
dilli-dalli's avatar
Sorry! This reply is terribly late but I've been away from my account for several months and am just now getting caught up with my inbox messages... ^^'

"why do you have such an odd restriction on the base? one would think you'd be more flexible by virtue of location"

I'm not sure which restriction you feel is odd. These are the same rules I've alway used for my bases, starting when they were originally housed on my personal website, so I don't really feel that a change of location should change their meaning or useage. Moreover, they are pretty typical of traditional pixel-base terms of use (as they basically imply 'no frankendolling').

In any case, thank you for looking! :)
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the inability to edit the base(add remove or alter the lines) it is normal on personal sites but places like here it can be edited(something i personally like because not ever doll can be made to conform exactly to the base used) or at least the vast majority of the time

sorry if i bothered you though by saying^^:

and not a problem, it is a very pretty base
dilli-dalli's avatar
Thanks for clarifying! I was just a bit confused. :)
tenchibaka's avatar
i'm a bit confusing^^:
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clubcoffeeStudent General Artist
How do you make these look so good? I mean, do you have a program you use or is it just skill?? :)
dilli-dalli's avatar
Awww! Thank you! :heart:

The program I use for my pixeling is MSPaint with a simple mouse for drawing. More than latent skills or fancy programs, I believe it's practice that makes anything successful. I've been creating bases since 2003 and my current stuff is WAY better than it was just a year ago, much less seven years ago.

There's always room for improvement and it usually just comes down to repetition... :)

Thank you again!
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KAR10SAHobbyist Digital Artist
Yay! This will be fun to play with XD
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There are toes!!! I just love how the toes curl over on the upturned foot, I think that small detail just really adds to the charm of the pose and the base set as a whole... along with the pretty little fingers. I love small details and easy following movements and you've definitely captured it. I don't know how you do it but it amazes me every time I see your bases. :heart:
dilli-dalli's avatar
Thank you so much for reassuring me about the toes on that foot; I wasn't sure if they looked right so I totally appreciate the feedback! Now I feel more at ease... :heart: :hug:
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