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Desert(ed) Beings by Dilettante1337 Desert(ed) Beings :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 2 1 Out With A Bang by Dilettante1337 Out With A Bang :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 4 1 [DJ JD] You Might Want To Sing It Note For Note by Dilettante1337 [DJ JD] You Might Want To Sing It Note For Note :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 4 0 [DJ JD] You're In The Mood For a Dance by Dilettante1337 [DJ JD] You're In The Mood For a Dance :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 5 4 How Did He Do That? by Dilettante1337 How Did He Do That? :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 5 2 There can only be You and My Music! by Dilettante1337 There can only be You and My Music! :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 4 1 A Wild Combination of Colours and Sound by Dilettante1337 A Wild Combination of Colours and Sound :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 11 1 Even Giants Need to Sleep by Dilettante1337 Even Giants Need to Sleep :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 3 98
Cyberspace Drift (Lyrics)
[HALEY]                                                                                    [BOTH]                                                                                   [DELIT]
It's like a home from home,
Where I can always freely roam;
I feel happy in this place,
There's always smiles on my face!
We live in two dimensions, 
In both, we feel no apprehension; 
And we both feel a strong connection, 
We can't decide on a single selection!
Both worlds I have embraced... Real world and cyberspace...
Between them I can shift...
This is Cyberspace Drift!
:icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 2 3
Cyberspace Drift by Dilettante1337 Cyberspace Drift :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 4 3 This city needs... a bunch of giant plush dolls! by Dilettante1337 This city needs... a bunch of giant plush dolls! :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 12 11 [OC] Emil the Giant Plush Doll by Dilettante1337 [OC] Emil the Giant Plush Doll :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 5 4
START:DASH!! - English Lyrics
I say...
Hey! Hey! Hey! START-DASH!!
Hey! Hey! Hey! START-DASH!!
Even little hatchlings someday will be
able to, by themselves, take to the skies,
once they grow up with their big and strong wings, they'll fly.
So, of course we shouldn't ever give up,
because that day will soon arrive;
You can feel it coming, do you feel it?
A new beginning alive!
Tomorrow will change indeed!
Change our hope to what we need!
And we'll change into a light... that illuminates oh-so bright...
A person, in sadness, shuts themselves in,
One always crying; you have never been,
A burning heart is all that you will use... to cut through every bump and bruise!
Secluded with sadness and nothing more,
Crying all the time; oh, that's such a bore!
I am sure...(Yes, it seems), that with your... (every dream)
energy...(instantly) will push forward endlessly!
I believe in you; why don't you START?
Hey! Hey! Hey! START-DASH!!
Hey! Hey! Hey! START-DASH!!
There's that feeling right after a big storm,
Within is a h
:icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 4 1
I'm Dreaming of a One-Eyed Christmas by Dilettante1337 I'm Dreaming of a One-Eyed Christmas :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 5 5 (Semi-Vent) Sad For You by Dilettante1337 (Semi-Vent) Sad For You :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 6 1 We've Got Wings by Dilettante1337 We've Got Wings :icondilettante1337:Dilettante1337 4 4


Alt you made me Cry by Alex13Art Alt you made me Cry :iconalex13art:Alex13Art 31 16 Sightseeing by ProtonTheLuxio Sightseeing :iconprotontheluxio:ProtonTheLuxio 47 11 Osha standing on one Feet by Alex13Art Osha standing on one Feet :iconalex13art:Alex13Art 26 13 Osha Bottom by Alex13Art Osha Bottom :iconalex13art:Alex13Art 31 29
The Hiumi Headcanon Journal
Beep boop...HELLO DARLING!!
This is the01angel...or should I say "thesnowprism" (yes, there IS actually a :iconsnowprism: here! LOL)~? Nahh, Hiumi doesn't have that special bond to me like the Alts have and she will never replace Alt but that won't stop me from liking her A LOT☆
So, lately I've been finding myself gaining a very strong liking towards the Pop'n Music character Hiumi. It all started on that day when I did some weird nose studies and then drew "that picture" of Hiumi honking her nose that I found myself starting to think about Hiumi a lot - she's pretty much like my "secondary" obsession (though she's my third favorite Pop'n Music character overall, behind Nico and of course Alt) now. Alt Blowing Kisses Emote [Pop'n Music] 

:iconjennalt-01angel:JennALT-01angel 13 68
Rainy Day Outside by ThatAlienBoi-7 Rainy Day Outside :iconthatalienboi-7:ThatAlienBoi-7 24 90 Here comes my Foot by ThatAlienBoi-7 Here comes my Foot :iconthatalienboi-7:ThatAlienBoi-7 22 91 Big Schall by Milk-Knight Big Schall :iconmilk-knight:Milk-Knight 39 3 Smol Schall by Milk-Knight Smol Schall :iconmilk-knight:Milk-Knight 26 3 Buneary And Minccino in trouble (coloured) by Alphaws Buneary And Minccino in trouble (coloured) :iconalphaws:Alphaws 44 4 Isabelle's Playtime by Caroos-Dungeon Isabelle's Playtime :iconcaroos-dungeon:Caroos-Dungeon 1,116 80
The Alt Headcanon Journal
:bademoticon: NEW HEADCANONS ADDED WILL BE IN BOLD TEXT! :bademoticon: 
Beep boop...HELLO DARLING!!!
Soooo...y'all probably know by now that I am COMPLETELY OBSESSED with Alt from Pop'n Music, and proud of it! Alt Blowing Kisses Emote [Pop'n Music] Since Pop'n Music characters really don't have quite "developed" personalities due to the fact that all they do is just dance around on the screen and react to how well you're playing, players tend to formulate lots of headcanons about them...And, naturally, due to my Alt obsession, I have SO much about her that it needed an entire JOURNAL to list all of them! (200 WATCHER GIFT) F2U Alt 2.0 Blinky Icon/Emote 

Before I go on, I just want to say something: If you disagree with any of my headcanons or would like
:iconjennalt-01angel:JennALT-01angel 24 117
Pokemon Dance Battle - Flash Game by Chibixi Pokemon Dance Battle - Flash Game :iconchibixi:Chibixi 595 234 Bonnie's Feet POV by JFetishStuff Bonnie's Feet POV :iconjfetishstuff:JFetishStuff 172 75 Squashed By A Giant Komasan's Booty by BlueCatRiolu Squashed By A Giant Komasan's Booty :iconbluecatriolu:BlueCatRiolu 89 44 Yo-Kai Tummy by BlueCatRiolu Yo-Kai Tummy :iconbluecatriolu:BlueCatRiolu 54 101


DJ JD's OC Party
My Just Dance OC, DJ JD, is hosting a dance party - and your OCs are invited! You can choose any existing song in Just Dance, and I'll draw him alongside your OCs!

Charges and changes:
Duet performance (DJ JD + 1 OC): 50 points (e.g. [DJ JD] Russians and Rabbits)
Trio performance (DJ JD + 2 OCs): 100 points (e.g. [DJ JD] When You Leave)
Dance Crew [Quartet] (DJ JD + 3 OCs): 150 points (e.g. [DJ JD] Savour Every Moment)
Spotlight Special(DJ JD is not one of the main dancers - he will be in the background): +10 points to subtotal (e.g. [DJ JD] We're the Animals - originally a duet, DJ JD is now a background dancer)
Encore performances(your OCs have appeared once or more prior to your commission): -5 points from subtotal

Characters must strictly be OCs. Any mention of canon characters will result in the cancellation of your commission.
The song of your choice must be in the Just Dance franchise. If you're not sure whether it's in JD or not, just search it up. Beware of fan-made videos.
I might decline your offer if your OC is too difficult for me to draw! I'm only an amateur artist in development, so please understand!
Solo performances are not allowed.


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Dylan Hong
Artist | Student | Literature
Oh, hello there. I'm a Singaporean boy who wants to venture into the world of DeviantArt! I need full support 'cause I'm not a very good artist... I am a good writer though....

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---|||---|||--- I'm autistic and
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----///--\--- or have autism

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Hello everyone, Dilettante here. Cookie Run: OvenBreak is growing on me, and I've even started to have a passion for certain Cookies in the game...(a big thank you to :iconjennalt-01angel: for getting me into the franchise) Of course, I see lots of fan-art of the many characters, and I realise that they mostly represent the Cookies as full-fledged humans. This got me thinking: If the Cookies were actually humans, what would their names be? Surely you can't refer to them as their Cookie names! Without further delays, here are my headcanon Cookie human names. (Note: Cookies are in OvenBreak unless otherwise stated.)

GingerBrave - Brandon
I simply chose a name that started with "B".

GingerBright - Bridget
Same reason as GingerBrave's.

Strawberry - Andrea
Named after Andrea Libman, who voices Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Skater - Logan
Found this name in a list of "Skater" names.

Zombie - Zac
Simply a name that starts with "Z".

Angel - Angie
Sounds similar to "angel".

Muscle - Arnold
Named after Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Pilot - Wilbur
Named after Wilbur Wright, one of the Wright Brothers.

Ninja - Daisuke
This name was chosen due to an inside joke.

Soda - Duke
Named after surfer Duke Kahanamoku; also the name of a soda.

Rockstar - Austin
Named after Austin Post, a.k.a. "Post Malone".

Devil - Nico
Named after Nico de Angelo, a character from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, who is a son of Hades, the Greek god of the dead.

Cherry - Harley
Named after Harley Quinn, whom Cherry Cookie dressed as for Halloween in the Cookie Run games.

Alchemist - Mavis
Named after a character of the same name from the film "Hotel Transylvania".

Gumball - Jackson
Named after Jackson Pollock, who was an artist whose painting and pictures were made using splats of paint(much like Gumball Cookie does).

Pistachio - Alexandra
Simply a typical Russian female name.

Vampire - real name "Vlad"
Rumoured to be the name that was the root of all vampires.

Cheesecake - Chantelle
Simply a name that starts with "CH".

Knight - real name "Arthur"
Named after King Arthur.

Princess - real name "Elizabeth"
Named after Queen Elizabeth.

Cheerleader - Vivian
Sounds similar to "vivacious" or "vivacity".

Space Doughnut - nameless
I've said enough...

Hero - Tony
Named after Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man.

Skating Queen - Yuna
Named after Yuna Kim, a famous figure skater who was the speculated inspiration for Skating Queen Cookie herself.

Yoga - Sheela
Simply a Indian female name.

Kumiho - named "Nina" in human/cookie form
Spelling is similar to "nine". Kumiho Cookie is highly attributed with the number 9 in the games.

Pirate - real name "Edward"
Named after Edward Teach/Thatch, who was otherwise known as Blackbeard.

Popcorn - Camila
Named after Camila Cabello. This idea was formulated after watching the music video for Camila Cabello's "Havana".

Werewolf - Luke
Sounds similar to "lupus", which is Latin for "wolf".

Snow Sugar - Yuki
Japanese for "snow".

Wizard - Sirius
Named after Sirius Black from the Harry Potter series.

Tiger Lily - Katy
Inspired from Katy Perry, and her song "Roar".

Dark Choco - Leonidas
Named after the Spartan king of the same name(also due to memes).

Mint Choco - Wolfgang
Named after Austrian musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Fairy - Jenna
Named after :iconjennalt-01angel: due to Fairy Cookie being her number-one favourite character from the game.

Cocoa - Coco
Do I have to explain?

Pancake - Boris
This name was given as the result of an inside joke.

Kiwi - Roger
Named after Roger Craig Smith, the voice actor of Sonic the Hedgehog, whom I headcanon Kiwi Cookie's voice to sound like.

Herb - Fernando
Named after the ABBA song of the same name, and was also chosen due to :iconjennalt-01angel:'s character having a crush on Herb Cookie.

Cream Puff - Alice
Named after the protagonist of "Alice in Wonderland". This is due to an inside joke.

Peppermint - Minato
Japanese for "harbour".

Dr. Wasabi - Stephanie
Named after Stephanie Kwolek, a chemist who was the inventor of the polymer Kevlar.

Mustard - Morgan
This female name sounds tomboyish, and also starts with "M".

Orange - Zoey
Sounds similar to "zesty"; also due to an inside joke.

Moon Rabbit - Bunnie
Sounds identical to "bunny".

Matcha - Marsha
Sounds similar to "matcha".

Macaron - Julie
This was the most "American"-sounding French name I could find.

Carol - Carol
I just realised that "Carol" doubles as a given name.

Sparkling - Skye
This name is similar to that of a bartender on YouTube whom I frequently look up recipes from.

Red Bean - Benjamin
When shortened to "Ben", this name is simply "bean" with a missing letter.

Ice Candy - Monique
Named after Monique Lamoureux, whom I found in a list of famous female ice hockey players.

Pink Choco - Sarah
Named after the VocalWriter voice of the same name. This is due to a (somewhat) inside joke.

Avocado - Aveline
Simply a female starting with "AV-".

Cherry Blossom - Sakura
Named after exactly what she was based on.

Whipped Cream - Peter
Anglicised version of the name Pyotr (Ilyich Tchaikovsky); the aforementioned person is the composer of "Swan Lake", which is meant to be a ballet piece. (Coincidentally, Whipped Cream Cookie is speculated to be related to a LINE-version-exclusive character named "The Sugar Swan".)

White Choco - Félicie
A female French name that I found that has some resemblance to the word "fencing".

Adventurer - Indiana
A direct reference to Indiana Jones.

Blackberry - Agatha
Named after Agatha Christie, a writer whose stories usually revolve around mystery/crime.

Chili Pepper - Cayenne
Named after the chili pepper of the same name.

Red Pepper - Sakchai
Simply a male Thai name that I found.

Grapefruit - Adelaide "Addie"
"Addie" sounds like the feminine version of "Adam", a reference to an inside joke involving Adam Lambert(and Halloween).

Lemon - Cole
Named after Cole McGrath from the game series "inFAMOUS", whom Lemon Cookie shares similar powers with.

Salt - Christopher
Named after Christopher Columbus. (Both are usually out at sea.)

Lime - Linda
The closest name I could find that sounds similar to "lime".

Squid Ink - Kasumi
Contains "sumi", which is Japanese for "ink".

Pomegranate - Miranda
The first two syllables of this name sound similar to "mirror", which Pomegranate Cookie frequently holds.

DJ - Martin
Named after Martin Garrix, an EDM composer.

Rollcake - Anatoli
Same reason as Pancake's.

Marshmallow - Jazlyn
First syllable sounds like "jazz"; Marshmallow Cookie plays a trumpet.

Moonlight - Andromeda
Named after the galaxy.

Wind Archer - Archie
Sounds similar to "archer".

Sea Fairy - Atlanta
Derived from "Atlantic".

Fire Spirit - Bernard
The first syllable sounds similar to "burn".

Dark Enchantress - Malia
Contains "mal-", a prefix meaning "evil".

Millennial Tree - Thaddeus
Derived from "Thanos", the villain from Avengers: Infinity War. This is due to an inside joke.

Cream - Bertha
Similar reasons as GingerBrave and GingerBright. (She was speculated to be their grandmother)

Cloud - Cumula
Named after "Cumulus", like the type of cloud.

Buttercream Choco - Richie
Contains "rich", which defines Buttercream Choco Cookie as a whole.

Coffee - Esmeralda
Derived from "espresso".

Special Force - Florence
Named after Florence Nightingale, a British nurse who worked for the military forces.

Prophet - Isaiah
Named after a prophet in the Bible.

Apple - Jackie
A reference to the character Applejack from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic series.

General Jujube - Zao Zheng (枣拯)
A reference to Justice Bao; the name above is edited to contain the Chinese character meaning "date/jujube".

Peach - Tao-tao (桃桃)
This name simply repeats the Mandarin word for "peach" twice.

Onion - Vanessa
Named after Vanessa de Verdet.

Cinnamon - Charlie
This name simply seemed fitting for Cinnamon Cookie's appearance.

Dino-Sour - Tyler
Derived from "Tyrannosaurus Rex".

Cotton Candy - Darlene
Sounds similar to "darling".

Banana - Kallie
Derived from "kalium", an alternate name for potassium(which bananas heavily contain).

Rebel - Min-Jun
I simply found this Korean name from a website.

If you've made it to this point of the list, congratulations! You've officially read the entirety of my Cookie Run headcanon human names.
P.S. I had to borrow some of your name ideas, :iconjennalt-01angel:; they just seemed to be the best.


Desert(ed) Beings
They both live in desert-like regions, so why not? Here's :iconjennalt-01angel:'s cactus girl Maya meeting my Egyptian mummy girl Leila. Apparently, Leila is surprised to find that cacti like Maya exist - for she never really has seen living, walking, talking cacti in the Afterlife. Would they be friends? Who knows.

Leila belongs to :icondilettante1337:.
Maya belongs to :iconjennalt-01angel:.
Out With A Bang
Looks like Railway Cookie has found herself up against someone whom she never really liked or wanted to even see. Railway Cookie values her trains a lot and doesn't want them to be destroyed at all. With Cherry Cookie's motive to destroy everything she sees, Railway Cookie really would not want Cherry Cookie or her bombs on board.

Railway Cookie belongs to :icondilettante1337:.
Cherry Cookie belongs to Cookie Run.
Cookie Run belongs to DEVSISTERS.
Unfortunately, a user by the username of "IHATEKATAMARILUV" is roaming DeviantArt to specifically torment :iconkatamariluv:.

While she has this user blocked, this scoundrel of a user continues to harass :iconkatamariluv:'s watchers. If you are a close friend of :iconkatamariluv:, save yourself by blocking that troll. Do not attempt to comment on their profile at all.
[DJ JD] You Might Want To Sing It Note For Note
"Here's a little song I wrote -
You might want to note for note;
Don't worry... be happy.
In every life, we have some trouble,
But when you worry, you make it double;
Don't worry... be happy."

Bobby McFerrin - Don't Worry Be Happy

DJ JD invites Bonnie and Funny Sunny up on the stage for a dance that's a little less intense - something that lets them know that looking on the bright side of things is the best way to go.

DJ JD belongs to :icondilettante1337:.
Bonnie and Funny Sunny belong to :iconbonniecakes:.
Just Dance belongs to Ubisoft.


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