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Otherworld by dilekt Otherworld by dilekt
This is a combination of terragen, painting, and photomanip. The end result is totally different than what I thought it would be. I'm not quite happy with the painting part but oh well, it's just practice. Tried to go for a dramatic mood with the clouds & contrasting colors. Thanks goes to `tigaer for helping me out with the painting.
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RJL7983 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2011
Something to think about as far as types of civilizations. A type 1 civilization has colonised it's entire planet and moons, a type 2 one has colonised it's entire system even if multiple suns and a type 3 has colonised it's entire galaxy and dwarf galaxies. I wasn't going to put this but here is an expanded recursive description of what type 4 civlizations and beyond be like.

If a civilization becomes so advanced that they start creating dimentionally recessed technology meaning objects or buildings that are bigger on the inside and if they start thoroughly colonising throught their entire domain then it is inevitable that they will start puttong objects inside this dimentionally recessed layer of space of a large portion or all of their colonies are connected. Eventually they will start putting entire planets and systems inside this inner layer of space or collective subspace inside the colonies. Eventually they become so advanced that the space inside their colonies becomes larger than all the lightyears of space that these coloniese straddle. Because they are dimentionally recessed the space inside keeps growing up to a point even though in normal space outside their colonies has not gotten that much larger. Because of all this entire galaxies eventually get placed inside this space so in an average colonised galaxy in normal space there are maybe hundreds of galaxies inside thissecond layer of inner space inside the colonies. This is what a type 4 civilization could be.

I'm not sure of this but it is possible that each new type of civilization is based on soemthing tens of billions of time larger in scales than the last level. Because the normal galaxies in normal space have been so colonised and because galaxies have been placed inside these colonies; even though it doesn't look it from the outside, it there by stands to reason that they would start to thoroughly colonise these inner galaxies and make a third layer of space or a second layer of dimentionally recessed space and place many more galaxies inside these that the galaxies on the outside. Then making a third layer of dimentionally recessed space from the colonisation of the third layer of galaxies these have galaxies inside them that are colonised and so on for tens of billions of layers one inside the other. This is what a type 5 civlization might be.

Take the patturn of recursion of a type 4 and 5 civilizations and expand this to tens of billions of levels and this is what a type 6 civilization might be.

Imagine the 10th type of civilization, type 100 or type tens of billions. Because this is based again on multiples of ten billion then this could be a second layer of civilizations wich could be expanded to another layer of civlvizations and so on.

There could interestingly be tens of billions of civilization layers making an unthinkable number of advancment of civilization.

This was just a thought experiment in recursion but this is possible what types of civilizations could be beyond 3 so anyway thanks.
Acinarret Featured By Owner May 9, 2009
Very interesting. With the red and blue colliding it's as if two worlds are overlapping to make one. A chaotic but at the same time peaceful feeling.
HeRNaN66 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009
exelente escenarios, fantastico
SonatArctica Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2008
danichdgb Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2008

BrokenFate117 Featured By Owner May 23, 2007
Just plain it.
DoubleForte Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
JCB-GFX Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2006
That's awesome.
MugenB16 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2006
nice clouds man, nice clouds! colours bring it alive. i wonder if terragen is on mac?
siztem Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2006  Hobbyist Photographer
lordofring07 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That looks so cool wish i could pull stuff this good out of terragen
red-n-pink Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2006
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
C-h-i-m-a-e-r-a Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2006   Interface Designer
I'm always asking myself if I could find more and more fantastic artists here.
well it seems yes.

this is just breathtaking!!!!
Hyperphuzion Featured By Owner May 11, 2006
Gorgeous work. Vivid, expressive colors are my favorite aspect of art and you utilized them quite well here. Great job :)

Only critique I have is that some of the highlights around the edges of some of the objects seem a bit harsh...
Gremlyn Featured By Owner May 10, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
however unhappy u are with any aspect of it, its truly amazing, well done
tul Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2006
Good colours. Nice work. One thing that i think would work better here would be adding more darker shades to bottom left. It looks a bit flat right now, otherwise, nice work :)
jissai Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2006
what program do you use?
jissai Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2006
supernova7 Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2006
The two colors in the sky do blend together really well near the ground, and the painting isn't so bad as you think - it gives it a certain stylized feel that works better than you think. If you're going for realism (sounds like you are) then just work at a larger size and you'll get the detail I think you're trying for.

Maybe mix hints of the different colors around to make the composition not feel so choppy/divided (from a traditional artistic standpoint) - you'd still get the different areas, but if the colors showed up elsewhere too, it creates more of a balanced cohesive whole.
dilekt Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2006
I see where you're getting at. Thanks for the tip :).
supernova7 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2006
np - you do great stuff, so I'm glad you think my comments are helpful ;)
daniamm Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2006
it is said that the artist is the worst critic towards his/her work... you are beating yourself up for nothing... you will always find something in your work that you want to improve... THAT is what makes you a great artist... this is such a lovely piece of work... the scene is very cool... i love the contrast in colors... keep up the good work! :excited:
aliaskajan Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
your great man your really great :)
mixlas Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2006
you are awesome :+fav:
Fucking brilliant work here, the detail and colors are so vivid. Keep up the good work.
AnubisGraph Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006  Professional Interface Designer
holy shit .... this is awesome :jawdrop:
DVeditor Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, I love the effect that all the postwork had on this. I can honestly say I haven't seen that done before and it makes me want to give it a shot. :p Keep up the good work!
xJASONx Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2006   Digital Artist
Awesome job. :O
PatGoltz Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2006  Professional General Artist
Very nice colors and clouds. Keep trying to do this. You will get better.
allstarr Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2006
still awesome paintings
kevinwoodPHOTO Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2006  Professional Photographer
As always, great work. Love the colors, lighting .... everything :D
utak3r Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love the overall mood :thumbsup: Nice work! :D
BetulaNigra Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2006
I'm afraid to think of what your stuff is going to be like after you continue to practice until perfect! Overall the effect is beautiful. Your painting is good, but as you say, it can stand a bit of refinement.
BehindClosedDoors Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2006   Photographer
the whole thing looks amazing. I"m not sure what there is to be unhappy with
bladejunky Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2006
Nifty contrast.
Lminith Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2006
I liked the colour contrast on the bg.
And you know what they say... Practice makes perfection ;P
humblemonkey Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
Absolutely incredible, as usual! I love it. (:
dv81 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
well thats your combination , but after my combination of thoughts it equalled = :+fav: !!! love it bro your transition from colour to colour is unmatched ! an overall amazing image man, you're work is blossoming and at such a young age you're gonna be a star one day if you aren't already :) love your work man an honour to call you friend :) :glomp:
dilekt Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
thanks bro :) it's very much appreciated
d-3-m-O-N Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
It's great... just the spaceship doesn't fit.... :/
TeraLink Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
It's great. I agree that the painting could use some work, though.

TeraLink Was Here!
PlasmaX7 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
Definetely awesome. Love the terrain + colours. :D
jagged-r0cks Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
Holy crap.. you came back fast.
dilekt Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
what do you mean?
jagged-r0cks Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
meaning... you didnt do art for awhile... but then when you came back you ragained all youre amazing skill/got better fast :)

'tis a c ompliment
Reyhash Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006  Hobbyist
you art is very perfect
DravenX53 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
Oh wow.

Theres just soooooo muuuuuuch........ COLOR.

And its all togeather, but its still blends.

I love it.
ThaUrbanLegend Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006
I love the colors in the sky.
Ellygator Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
The light effects and sky are fantastic. I think you managed to blend the different media very well.
ArunaTramp Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2006   Digital Artist
:wow: Dilekt, you amaze me with every new artwork you upload! But this one is especially stunning! I love the colors you used, the nice contrast between bright and dark side! I love the way you draw clouds and entire scenery is so magnificent! I really like this pic! :love:
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