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New wallpaper. Wanted to keep this one nice & simple. Did some manip & minor painting on the clouds.

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Just amazing...
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This gives a new meaning to life.


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finally found the original creator of this picture
Whoow, this is awesome! I really like it. Have you thought about making it into wallpaper form?

I'm Fusion Linux project leader and we are looking for some images that we could include in by default in our Linux distribution.

We have tens of thousands of installs, and we would also list all artists that have their art in our distribution and spread the word of your great work that way.

If you would consider this proposal this would a lot to us, because we would like to share and promote great artwork that you have made.

Please check out our home page - [link]

We need all art to be in few different wallpaper resolutions, and licenced under some Creative Commons licence that permits us to distribute artwork freely, just to be clear you still keep all the copyright just give us permission to distribute it for non-commercial purposes. If you aren't familiar with Creative Commons licences I suggest you use "Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs" and also check full list of differenc CC licences at [link]
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sooooooo beautiful!! :D
I love the colors! This is my desktop wallpaper now. :D
this is AMAZING!
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omg! this is so beautiful!!
could you like, send it to me? because i would love to have a wallpaper like that!

if you say yes in sending it to me, i'll give you my e-mail later :D
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its so beautiful and amazing i just love how the colors are perfect for each other good job
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Wow, so beautiful. The colours are just amazing.
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Beautiful!!!that is amazing. I love these kind of backgrounds. There are so many, i need to buy an extra 200 monitors just to have them all XD
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beautiful. just so beautiful.
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Damn! What for pic! I cant say, what for a beautiful envoirement this is. Pretty nice!
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:jawdrop: Recommended listening whilst looking at this masterpiece:

Devin Townsend- Unity
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oh man, a wonderful sky is put off by a baron and blocky landscape. MURDER!
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i can only say .. wow :o
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*coughs off the astonishment*

You wanted to keep this 'simple' ? My, my.... I wish my 'hardworked' stuff looked as your 'simple' ones (-_-)U ...
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