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Easy Way of Creating Planets

Here's my planet creation tutorial. I decided to share my technique of creating planets since I keep getting asked how I make mine. I think this method is a little easier and simpler than some other. The reason I didn't give a lot of information in the texture creation part is because there are a lot of tutorials out there that explain it, so I didn't find a reason to put myself through the effort of writing it in-depth.

I hope this tutorial helps you out. I tried making this easy to understand. You don't have to strictly follow these steps, you can experiment doing other things aswell. This is just a basic planet creation tutorial. I think everyone needs to develop their own ways of creating advanced planets, because otherwise everyone's planets will look the same.

Anyways, I hope you find this useful and answers some of your questions on how to create planets in Photoshop.
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How do I add colors ._. I'm a newbye... sorry
what program did you use
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This makes my life so much easier! D: Thankyou!
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Great tutorial, thank you so much ~
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Used this tutorial to make this: [link]

Thank you much :)
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Your amazing tutorial has been featured here: [link]
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Awsome stuff thank you for sharing this helpful teaching. :)
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hiya! I just featured this on my juornal! ^^
have a nice day!
I think your arts are amazing, thanks you for this TUTO !

I am thinking (that mean in fact I hope so than a day...) that would be fantastic if you could create a TUTO too for the space background !

Cordially !
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erm, how do you make those texture maps? any tips on photoshop brush packs and where to get tutorials?
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I used your tutorial for this picture here - [link]
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great! i used this tutorial to make this [link]
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good tut, thanks for the tut ^^
Very good tutorial
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thankx for the tut buddy heps alot!
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i love you :p thanks for posting a great tutorial mate :hug:
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By far this is the best planet tutorial I've come across!!!! Awesome job! I love your work too. I'll have to try this when I get my programs up and running again. :gallery:
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thanks for sharing!!! woot!! gotta try this :D :D
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not bad...not bad at all..
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awsomely awsome-love it!
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I was in a great need for this, thank you so much!. :D
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