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Life - Death


Life ends, death begins, there is only a thin line between them...

i will write the brushes from where if i can find...

little boy & girl from ~xCassiex24

death part is from ~wyckedBrush

& texture from ~firesign24-7

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Death and life are so similar, one moment your living then the next your dead. 
Is this print for sale? It is awesome!
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So very Moving, thank you.
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wow very good idea
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Dilek merhaba

Ben bir şiir kitabı yayınlayarak yaşıyorum ve ben bir kitap kapağı olarak "Ölüm ve Yaşam" resim kullanmak istiyorum.

Bu mümkün mü? Eğer öyleyse, bir kitap kapağı gibi görüntü kullanarak için şartlar nelerdir?

Teşekkür ederim,

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Could I share this picture on that fp… ? ^^
You should play Limbo
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This is beautiful. I love it.
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I feel this deeply. Well done.
Excellent...very well done ..especially with the absence of color and shading... It sucks you in even more
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This touches my Soul immediatly. Very impressing art!
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This is probably my favorite picture on this site. Great job, it's absolutely stunning!
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Very nice photomanipulation
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Reminds me of Limbo :| Great working tho (Y)
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can i use this for a project of mine
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Nice draw and great concept
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