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The Only One Page 17

The Only One is a story about a little pegasus and her big problem...
Written by Trevor Rain and Dilarus

Thanks for reading!

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I am not crying, you are.

Very amazing comic and I believe everyone would feel better reading it. It made me feel a bit better about myself tbh. So thank you for making it!

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Thank you for reading!

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how dare you bring a tear to mine eyes!!

this was a wonderfull story!Clapping Pony Icon - Complete Mane Six Clap Clapping Pony Icon - Sunset Shimmer 
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It's not like I needed my heart or anything.
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This is a great ending, to a great comic. Well done.
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Thank you for reading!
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standing ovation deserved!
Dilarus's avatar
Aw, nooo >////< thank you so much!
EffKay9's avatar
Totally deserved
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Bravery in adversity Scootaloo. :)
She's a strong pony, and she's got good friends. It would take a lot more to knock her down.
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So that means that you're gonna' continue that Flutterdash story now?
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If I feel like it, yeah.
carminesavastano's avatar
*Tch tch* YES *Tch tch*
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MLP Rainbow Dash (Lol Wut) Plz She´s going to be just fine
iconcheerileewhatplz: Are you sure?
MLP Rainbow Dash (Snoring) Plz Totally. 
iconcheerileewhatplz: How can you be so sure?
MLP Rainbow Dash (Flattered) Plz Cuase...
DashScoot icon I know my sis and her awesomeness
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So, now we are waiting for the next comic...
Just a question: You write AND draw all your comics on your own?
Dilarus's avatar
Mostly yes, but Trev helps me with dialogue and quality assurance, and some plot points. We've collaborated a lot in the past :3
Steagle's avatar
Wow this is a lot of work...and let me say you do an awesome job.
I can not wait to see what your next comic will be like
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This was amazing and very sweet with an amazing message! Thank you and Trevor for writing and illustrating it!
zukos-swig's avatar
Absolutely lovey and cute cute cute! Thank you for the comic!
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Thanks so much for reading and commenting :3
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That certainly was sweet.

...Now if this were Meet the Pones universe, I'd imagine Dash would end with "as an Earth Pony"
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