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I think dash is right here. Fluttershy is confused right now and probably doesn't really love dash the way she thinks she does.
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Hallucinogenic heart's desire)) Fluttershy, wake up! =O
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SingaporePegasisterHobbyist Artist
She'll get over it. I hate the sterotype of Rainbow Dash a homosexual. Fluttershy that's wrong. Ppl get rejected. I hate it when they see a couple they ship it no matter what their sexes are disgusting. They just do anything and anything goes to the point that they have no shame at all. Tsk. Smh.
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Pinkie Pie (your avatar) would not talk like that. She would not judge and consider if people have fun THEN EVERYTHING IS GOOD ! 

There is no problem with a homosexual Dash or straight, and nothing wrong with shipping or inventing couples whatever the features of the characters and it's just people having fun fiction fiction.

It is utterly nice.

Listen your avatar, be happy :)
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AnnieBananieMLPHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yes! Thank you! Pinkie Pie would support it!
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MrKillerwaveHobbyist General Artist
and just like that, Dashie became worst pony...
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ChaoticNoteHobbyist Writer
And just like that, you've proven how childish your way of thinking is.
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StarSpirit5Hobbyist General Artist
She was worst pony from the beginning in my opinion xD
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There's an actual racist character on the show, but you think this is worse? Nice to know your values are in the right place. 
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Then you've always been stupid.
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StarSpirit5Hobbyist General Artist
omg I'm so offended whatever shall I do! how dare you call me stupid! definitely such a mean name
StarSpirit5's avatar
StarSpirit5Hobbyist General Artist
you first :)
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craZ4knuxStudent Digital Artist
Just because she didn't share her friend's feelings? Wow. Only Fluttershy should be happy and RD should just suffer being with someone she's not in love with...as long as Fluttershy is happy, right? >.>
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So, you would rather she lied about her feelings so Fluttershy could feel good for the moment, only to later be devastated that RD didn't really feel the same way?
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Dev-iHobbyist Photographer
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Well I have to admit I think Dash did the right no matter how it hurts fluttershy right now. I think what she did is best and now all she can do is help Fluttershy cope. I kind wish they got together but it is not  ship I like. I'm now worried though how will Fluttershy cope through her confusion, is she truely interested in Mares or was this just because of a life or death situation that cause to think she loved RD. Also how will this affect their friendship now it is at that awkward level now, I looking forward to see where this goes I still want a happy ending for both involved.
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PegasusMareHobbyist Traditional Artist
Good thing winter is coming... cuz Fluttershy's gonna need some ice after that BURRRNNNNNN!!! 
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SingaporePegasisterHobbyist Artist
Get Rekt! Ohhh!
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FlutterRainHobbyist Traditional Artist
you started it dash! how do you feel now hmm?
ive been there, so i know... :c
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Well ouch... I hope she doesn't break.
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There we go. The most crucial question is answered. It's good to establish how exactly 'Shy does feel, of course, but it is more pressing to determine if you reciprocate.

Now we come to the next question: how much, if any, opportunity are you willing to give 'Shy to change your mind?
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