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But dash...;_; she was saving you
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And just what do you mean by that, Dashie? Are you saying that you could die and it wouldn't even matter? Far be it from me to say that has to be a bad sign, but not everybody has the proper attitude to say that and not have it be a dire warning.
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Nopony to leave behind? It's not like you've got five close friends or anything, Dash...
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Well this is getting intense, lets see what RD does next.
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Mana95Hobbyist Artist
;-; long long long novel not story 
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LiquidBrickzHobbyist Photographer
....damn.. this is really intence o-o x3
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Minty-Cups Digital Artist
and then they kissed 

the end
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DilarusHobbyist Digital Artist
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Minty-Cups Digital Artist
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kilIerqueenStudent Digital Artist
Poor Flutters... ;-;
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TwinBirdHobbyist Traditional Artist
FLUTTERSHY! Don't cry! You make me feel sad!
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Go on, Dash. True friends sometimes have to say painful truths. A friend who lies to make you happy is not a friend; is just a liar who will make you unhappy when his lies have been discovered
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I take it back Flutters.  Maybe NOT saying anything wouldn't have been as bad as this.  Waaaah! 
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If Dash doesn´t feel the same and she likes stallions, then Fluttershy has the right to know it, even if that hurts her. "I love you" doesn´t obligue the other part to feel the same, and Fluttershy must understand that.

The truth is better than lying, or not saying anything. It can hurt more in the precise moment, but much less in the long term. Dash doesn´t want to hurt her, but she can´t lie or just leave neither.
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Yes.  I do agree.  My comment was meant to be sort of satirical, but so much is lost in the translation to plain text.

Like you, I really do like how this story is written to not necessarily follow to general expectations, and kept realistic.  Dilarus is an incredible writer on top of a wonderful artist.   This story is my all time favorite because of that, and I look forward to the most.  I also love that it isn't being rushed, just as the author intended.  Absolute genius.

I'd like to add something that is purely speculation on my part, and the irony it may contain.  I think Dilarus doesn't really like the character Fluttershy.  It sounds odd, but there seems to be "repeating patterns of belittlement" for lack of a better description, not just in this series but his other works too.  However, the ironic part potentially being, he appears to have done so in a way where I enjoy everything he creates.  I think it's that very element that makes this story so fascinating.   I may be completely off based on this, but it's a vibe I get.
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DilarusHobbyist Digital Artist
I didn't like Fluttershy a while ago, back when I made Meet The Pones she was just "the yellow one", not because of any dislike, but because she just didn't make any impression on me from her portrayal in the show. She was predictable, and the bursts of intensity we see are just the stereotypical shy-until-pushed thing that's meant to be surprising to people. It wore thin, I didn't, and still don't like discord so all of their interactions washed over me so, yeah, Fluttershy just wasn't a character I cared either way about.

But then this happened: southernbelleaj.com/flutterslo…

A short piece of filler that cropped up during a break in wild storm, then The Best of Intentions started forming in my mind. Suffice it to say I now see a great deal more in Fluttershy than ever before, she's quickly become one of the most interesting ponies in the Southern Belle universe, having suffered the most through Wild Storm. I wanted to show that she didn't forget what happened, alone on the riverbank during a blizzard, watching Dash slipping away. It's something I can't even fathom happening to someone, and this story is what became of it.

I guess you could say I fell in love with MY version of Fluttershy, but that's what fanfiction is, trying to show everyone what you love about a character, what you think makes them special. And, of course, supplying conflict that frames them so that they can show the audience what you love about them. Strangely, Dash has grown on me too as a result of this story, perhaps she'll get her own tale down the line, but AJ is gonna be the pivotal role in this universe, for better or worse.
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all ponies in the show are some archetypes

but what is interesting is the writing. Of course the "burst" of intensity is a trope. But in the show it's not only that : it's all about to be more affirmative. And what is interesting it's how Pinkie Pie and Rarity tried to explain to her. For Pinkie Pie it's not rude or being mean to people, it's fun and be herself. So in the show, Fluttershy learns when she needs to explain herself to people.

In the episode with the breezy, it's not simply "suddenly Fluttershy is not shy". It's about when sometimes to be kind and caring is too be strict. 

My point is, you can see beyond the simplistic archetype. I believe it's what the authors of the show are doing.

The same with Pinkie Pie : she's the archetype of the zanny crazy character. And when bad written, it's what she is : light-headed and crazy jokes. But when well written she's in fact prideful, sensitive, very astute (she's noticing stuff _all_ the time : too much energy to use), her "fun fun fun" is in fact a social skill.
In the show she needs to work on her pride. Even when it's a good thing, you can see she's quite prideful : "it's how I roll" she says with no hesitation in the latest episode.

My point is we can find depth and stuff to build upon it with what the authors of show wrote (at their best of course), even and obviously with the yell... heu Fluttershy.

anyway, very interesting, I like your take and explanations on the characters. there is nice ideas about storytelling.
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Yes!   Much of what you said is what I suspected.  Even when it was just "the yellow one", and "unmentionable things" (lol!) I still loved how you handled her despite being a unfavorable/boring character.   You have skills.

Thanks for taking the time to explain your views.  It's nice to get an in-depth look at what is behind the author/artist.
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AshezthHobbyist General Artist
I like you for this comment. :)
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I agree. My opinion is he doesn´t really like the FlutterDash ship and he is tricking us with a story of unrequited love, breaking some expectations that are usual in this kind of stories. RD is not a lesbian; she loves Fluttershy, but as a friend. Fluttershy is not in love; is just confused because she watched how Dash nearly died in her hooves. I love FlutterDash, but I love the development of this story too, even if the end is a sunken ship =p
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Choose your next words carefully Dash. Fluttershy's heart is on the line. 
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WhitewolfStormrunnerHobbyist General Artist
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This is getting sadder by the pages!
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