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"Wait - you're gay?" And the moment got even better
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You're a little bit slow, aren't you Rainbow Dash?
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:iconsterlingarcherplz: ...You're not?
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Well, this is just great. The extended delay of this most paramount cliffhanger has caused me to have an aneurysm and my head to explode . . . . twice.

Surely, you've attended the prodigious school of Trollestia.
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......they need another post ;-;.....
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"Sorry for making you all wait like this. Long term fans will know I have problems with anxiety and depression and right now is one of those times."  -  A post on the blog, April 24th

Have patience, my friends, he/she/they does/do this for free, you have no right to demand that he/she/they does/do it faster for thee.
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we know... we just CANT WAIT.... us trying to ask for it sooner lets the creator/'s know that this is really popular and needs to be continued ASAP x3.
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Well I can wait!  ...  But I've been told I have the patience of a saint :D.
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WUBTIME123Hobbyist General Artist
im far too hooked for anything to stop now
can you just spoil me for the next few lines that your going to make
not to far plz
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Alexander-KrozzHobbyist General Artist
well I just found this comic and... damn im already caught up... 

I do hope to read more soon!

this is good so far.
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HURRY UP AND DO THESE! I have become hooked on this comic.
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Um She is  lesbian is a female homosexual. Gay is mean Male homosexual. 
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Wrong.  Gay means happy.  But it is used for a homosexual person, not gender specific, even if it is more commonly used for homosexual males.
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I think a more accurate definition is that it USED TO MEAN happy, but is now ONLY used for a homosexual person (seriously, point to anyone who uses the word "gay" today to mean happy and I'll award you 1K USD pennies). Also, if gay isn't gender specific, but lesbian is, then what is the male equivilent of lesbian?
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Ten dollars? What a . . . generous . . . bounty you're offering.
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The word Lesbian comes from the island of Lesbos, but honestly I don't think there is a word that is the male equivalent, really.  Though it is true, gay is more commonly used to refer to male homosexuals, it CAN be either or lol.  Also, I use it to mean happy all the time, otherwise I wouldn't have said what I did.
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Flower-HorseHobbyist Digital Artist
Gay means happy.
Lesbian from or relating to the land of the Lesbos.
Neither of those mean homo-sexual. Or at least, have to mean that.
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KittyCuddleCakesHobbyist Traditional Artist
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No Rainbow, she just have a habbit of randomly kissing girls for no reason...

Also, you're not?
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klystron2010Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Wait Rainbow, your not? Damn have been reading the signs wrong so far.
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Work-FictionHobbyist Writer
lol, I don't know what's going on~La la la la 
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Wait, your not?!?
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